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Article - FragMAX - Large Scale Fragment-Screening Platform and Its Advantages
Image Credit: Lima, et al.
A recent article in IUCr Acta Crystallographica Section D Structural Biology summarizes the capabilities of FragMAX, a complete platform for fragment screening at the BioMAX beamline of the MAX IV Laboratory. Perhaps more importantly, it layouts the advantages of using the resources of such large scale facilities to increase the efficiency of your research. (Paper published by Gustavo M. A. Lima, et al.)

These advantages include the leveraging of expertise at these facilities and the "extensive computational power for data processing and structure refinement." In addition, facilities such as FragMAX can provide users with the necessary materials and equipment for on-site operations. This includes our MiTeGen MicroLoops LD of various sizes.
Video - Learn The Benefits Of Our Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck
We understand your need to learn how a tool will benefit your research. That is why we created a video for our cryo-EM AutoGrid cassette puck.

This tool allows users to screen on a Glacios and ship the same AutoGrid cassette puck to a collection facility, or allow facilities to store their cassettes in the puck canes.
Survey - What Events Are You Considering For 2021?
We are already planning for events, workshops and symposiums for 2021 and would like to know what events you are considering attending. Attendance can be virtual or in person if conditions permit.

Events include user meetings, workshops, symposiums, annual meetings and more. Topics include structural biology, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline science and more.
Customer Feedback
We are thankful for customer feedback concerning how our tools made their research more successful. Listed below is feedback we recently received concerning our loops.

"A Cell paper came out online recently and I wanted to let you know that the work done on the complexes would have been that much more difficult if I didn't have the Mitegen loops available. We were starting from scratch and using the micro-loops to characterize whether a crystallization hit was protein or not was instrumental in focusing on the correct conditions. Also, the final crystals were at best 100um in their longest dimension with most being closer to 50um and very fragile. Other loops would demolish the crystals but I was able to fish out the samples using the M2-50 and M2-75 loops. Thank you so much for these wonderful tools!" - Jay Nix, Ph.D., Molecular Biology Consortium
Industry Job Openings
Given the importance of structural biology and related fields, there are numerous job openings available. Listed below are some of the latest ones we are aware of:

  • The Thompson lab at the University of California, Merced is recruiting a Postdoctoral Scholar and a Junior Research Specialist. The lab studies the structures of proteins at their physiological temperatures, and combines temperature perturbations with X-ray crystallography to study molecular motions - Learn more
  • The Kellogg laboratory in the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department at Cornell seeks a talented and motivated postdoc to uncover the molecular mechanisms of macromolecular machines using cryo-EM - Learn more
  • The Nuffield Department of Medicine, Centre for Medicines is seeking an enthusiastic Principal Investigator to take over the management of an established medium-sized membrane protein research group - Learn more
  • Diamond Light Source has an opportunity for a HeXI Principal Beamline Scientist (PBS), who will lead the design, construction and implementation of the HeXI beamline in close collaboration with the VXMm beamline team and other engineering support groups - Learn more
  • The Biofisika Institute in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) together with Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science, invite applications for an immediately available group leader position in atomic resolution cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) of biological specimens - Learn more
Industry Resources and News
Here is a small selection of hand picked industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • The American Crystallographic Association is now on LinkedIn - Follow their page for updates.
  • The Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme 2021 call for applications is now open, and will close January 12, 2021. Candidates can apply for one of 16 positions to start September 2021. Learn more 
  • The Rigaku Advanced School of Crystallography is now open for registration. The school offers a series of 5 tuition-free, hour and a half webinars on advanced topics in practical X-ray crystallography. Learn more
  • The One World Cryo-EM seminar series is a platform for discussion of algorithms, computational methods and mathematical problems in cryo-EM. Online, Every Other Wednesday - Learn more
  • Small and medium companies can ask for funded beamtime in different European light sources thanks to EU CALIPSOplus project. Deadline is December 21st - Learn more
  • Great resource for Crystallography Teachers: The Database of Educational Crystallographic Online Resources now hosted by The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) - Learn more
  • The NIH Transformative High Resolution CryoEM Program Service Centers offer a monthly webinar. You can find the recorded version of each at their YouTube Channel - Learn more
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