MiTeGen Newsletter May 2021
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Article - Reaction To Announcement Of AlphaFold Database
Read the analysis by John R. Helliwell at IUCr of EMBL-EBI announcement of its partnership with Googles DeepMind project. This project will, "make hundreds of thousands (and eventually many millions) of AlphaFold structure predictions freely available to the community through a new data resource, AlphaFold DataBase (AlphaFold DB). AlphaFold is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system developed by DeepMind that predicts a protein's three-dimensional (3D) structure from its amino-acid sequence."

Decide for yourself whether this is a game changer in protein prediction or not, and whether there are any caveats.
New Cryo-EM Tools
Vitrification Dewar
Foam dewar and foam ring that are compatible with the Vitrobot, and also great for custom sample preparation platforms. Works with both NanoSoft and TFS metal parts (ethane cup, grid box ring and spider).
Quick Lid For Grid Boxes
Quick lid is a simple way to protect already vitrified samples that are sitting in a grid box waiting for a sample vitrification session to be completed from ice particulates that builds up during sample preparation.
Marilyn M. Olmstead Inorganic Chemistry Research Fund
The Marilyn M. Olmstead Inorganic Chemistry Graduate Research Fund supports "graduate students who exhibit the qualities and values Marilyn exemplified during her lifetime, and who have demonstrated the potential to conduct outstanding research in inorganic chemistry."
MiTeGen Mighty Snacks - Supporting Those In The Lab
At MiTeGen, we believe in supporting and thanking our customers, whether it is the workers in receiving, the technicians in the lab, the lab manager or the PI.

That is why we created MiTeGen Mighty Snacks. These are a box containing a variety of snacks those in the lab can munch on all day to fuel their research.

Upcoming Events
At MiTeGen, we sponsor numerous events, conferences, workshops and symposiums throughout the year. These events include fields such as structural biology, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more. We believe in supporting researchers and our industry. Listed below are two upcoming events you might find interesting.
The IUCr Meeting will be held August 14th to the 22nd. We are participating virtually via a booth, a talk and poster presentation. If you are attending please stop by our booth and say hello.
HEC23 - The 23rd Heart of Europe Bio-Crystallography Meeting is September 16th to the 17th. Format is virtual. We are sponsoring HEC23 and giving a talk.
Looking For More Events, Workshops and Conferences
If you are looking for more events visit our events page. It lists conferences, workshops, symposiums, user meetings and more.

Topics include structural biology, material science, crystallography, cryo-EM, beamline research and more.
Industry Resources and News
Here is a small selection of hand picked industry resources and news for your browsing.

  • Funding opportunity - Emergency Awards: Antiviral Drug Discovery (AViDD) Centers for Pathogens of Pandemic Concern (U19 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) - Learn More
  • Learn about the inauguration of SESAME’s Materials Science (MS) Beamline - Learn More
  • New exhibition room opens at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge - Titled "Setting the stage: development of sample holders for electron cryomicroscopy" - Learn More
  • Read about four new beamlines and the refurbishment of several others at ESRF-EBS - Learn More
  • Brookhaven Labs is offering a "Summer Sundays" program - A series of online events in place of its in-person public tour program for 2021 - Each event will feature a guided tour of a Brookhaven Lab facility and live Q&A sessions with a panel of scientists - Learn More
  • UK Research and Innovation Early Career Researcher Forum - The forum is a community of early career researchers and innovators from across the research and innovation system and is designed to give early career researchers a voice in UKRI’s strategy, policy development and decision making - Learn More
  • EOSC-Life as announced a project focused on the development of new tools for automated harvesting, validation, and deposition of Macromolecular #Crystallography data and metadata, which will promote re-use and interoperability of this data - Learn More
  • Diamond Light Source has release a handy animation showing how Diamond works - Learn More
  • CERIC has now opened its call for proposals - Apply now with single or multi-technique proposals, to get free open access to 50+ techniques and support labs for research in all fields of material science and nanotechnology - Learn More
  • FLASH at DESY – call for beamtime proposals - Learn More
  • Interesting read - Crystallography Now and Then - A Talk With Professor Gautam Desiraju - Learn More
  • Fall 2021 NIH Virtual Seminar on Program Funding and Grants Administration - Learn More
Industry Jobs
Searching for a new job? Interested in knowing what positions labs and facilities are offering? Then visit our jobs board on which we list recent industry job offerings.

And remember, if you have an industry relevant job, we are happy to list it on our jobs board.
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