ForceField or SuperSub; Which is Right for You? 
 The SuperSub XXL and the New SuperSub X

You may have noticed that GoldenEar now has two distinct series of subwoofers. The ForceField series, our first line of powered subs, has garnered quite a following in the press and with many happy GoldenEar owners. Recently we introduced the new new SuperSub series with the XXL being the first member. And now we will begin shipping the second member of the series, the SuperSub X. Why do we have these two different series? Read on ...

Every product we develop at GoldenEar is designed to deliver terrific performance and exceptional value. Review after review confirms our efforts and details how GoldenEar speakers outperform comparable models many times their price. This is just as true for our subwoofers as well. The ForceField series provides powerful and exceptionally musical low distortion bass from fairly compact and unobtrusive enclosures. And they're amazingly affordable (and compact) when compared to other subs of similar performance.

ForceField Overview

Each solidly braced ForceField enclosure contains a single high performance driver, a high output Class D switching amplifier and an advanced DSP engine that optimizes the system's
ForceField = Performance,
Simplicity, Value
performance while protecting the driver from excess current. The large bottom mounted passive radiators extend low bass response as they "slot load" to the floor. ForceField subs offer an amazing balance of thunderous deep bass coupled with exceptional musical finesse. Their DSP engine and control flexibility makes them an ideal match for all GoldenEar speakers in addition to other, non-GoldenEar systems. Their simple, understated enclosure design means they'll visually blend in with most any kind of décor.

SuperSub Overview

The SuperSub series represents our design engineers' efforts to create the most attractive, highest performance, and technically sophisticated subwoofers possible while keeping them small enough to fit in normal rooms and homes. One quick look will convince you that their fit and finish along with their design, puts them among the most attractive subwoofers you can buy. But as attractive as they are, it's their advanced engineering and patented technologies that results in unheard of bass performance, comparable to many larger and more expensive subwoofers.

 The Patent-Pending SuperSub Technology
The SuperSubs utilizes a 360 degree dual-plane inertially-balanced driver and sub-bass radiator topology, combined with a very advanced 1600 watt (1400 watt in the X) Class D digital electronics packages. The two massive drivers are mounted back to back on the sides of the enclosure which results in a force cancelling effect (equal and opposite action/reaction). This effect negates the vibrations that would typically be transmitted to the enclosure by the drivers and cause the enclosure to "sing" along with the woofers. These drivers incorporate massive motor systems and a computer optimized stiff fiber cone resulting in the ability to generate extreme low frequency pressure waves with accuracy and vanishingly low distortion.
The two fully inertially-balanced planar infrasonic radiators at the top and bottom of the enclosure dramatically increase the system's output and extend its low frequency capability to the infra-sonic range. The four driving elements, located on different faces of the enclosure, enhance the system's ability to deliver bass throughout the room, making it less necessary to use multiple subwoofers.
The bottom line (pun intended) is the ForceField series offers terrific bass performance from relatively compact, simple enclosures. The SuperSub series is technologically more sophisticated, delivers another magnitude of bass capability from very compact and beautifully finished cabinets. 

No matter which series you choose, you can't go wrong. 
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