Why Soundbars? And Then, Why GoldenEar 3D Array Soundbars?
3D Array with ForceField Subwoofer
The 3D Array Creates the Perfect Unobtrusive Audiophile-quality Home Theater

Soundbars For Everyone! 
In the last few years soundbars have become ubiquitous. The primary reason has been the dramatic decline in sound quality from flat panel TV sets. Those ever-thinner TV chassis coupled with speakers that fire straight down or back has led to simply terrible TV sound. Even worse, as Baby Boomers are aging their hearing is declining, compounding the problem. Mainstream manufacturers have responded by introducing relatively affordable soundbars to try and compensate. The vast majority of these are mediocre at best, but they do offer a modest degree of improved sound and intelligibility.

As with every product we make, our soundbar design goal is to deliver exceptional performance at reasonable prices. But with soundbars, aesthetic demands are very important as they must blend well with lots of different TV's and not call attention to themselves. By definition therefore, they have to be particularly slim to blend well. Just as with the thin TV chassis this limits their bass capability, so all really require a subwoofer. Anyone with a flat screen TV and a desire to keep limited floor space unused by speakers, is a prime soundbar candidate. And those over 55 are especially so. 

Why choose a GoldenEar 3D Array® Soundbar?

The vast majority of soundbars out there utilize miniature drivers, built-in low grade amplification and maybe an external "subwoofer" of questionable capability. Remember, you still do get what you pay for and you just can't squeeze a complete high-fidelity playback system into a plug and play soundbar. Although they're a step up from the TV's built in speakers, their performance leaves much to be desired. 

On the other hand, GoldenEar 3D Array ® soundbars are built to the same standards with the same high-quality GoldenEar drivers as the rest of our line. No fancy frills, just exceptional performance and value. 

They feature: 
  • Three separate left, center and right speaker systems, plus a second set of dedicated drivers that utilize our 3D Array Technology to effectively cancel out crosstalk between the left and right channels. The result is a front soundstage that stretches from wall to wall and beyond, with startling height, width and depth that envelops listeners in a 180-degree soundfield, much wider than the soundbar itself! 
  • Due to the above, surround speakers are optional with the 3D Array series. For any of the latest object based surround formats (Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, etc.) height speakers are still required and our Invisa in-ceiling or SuperSat on-wall series are excellent for this purpose. 
  • Sleek, attractive 2.7" thin enclosures that perfectly complement the latest super-thin flat panel TVs. 
  • Our highly regarded spider-leg cast basket 4.5-inch bass-midrange drivers with their unique Multi-Vaned Phase Plugs (MVPP™) for excellent mid-bass and exemplary mid-range performance, enhancing all important dialogue clarity and intelligibility. 
  • Three of our extraordinary High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeters (HVFR™) delivering superb high frequency clarity and audience coverage. 
  • Patent pending Mag-X crossover technology that results in exceptional imaging and smoother response. 
3D Array XL System
A Basic SuperCinema 3D Array System 

There are two sizes of 3D Array soundbars. The smaller 3D Array X ideally matches 48"- 60" TVs, the larger 3D Array XL matches well with 65" and larger TVs. Their beautiful black piano gloss cabinets are built of aerospace-grade extruded aluminum with marble-powder-infused baffles and end-caps. They can be easily wall-mounted using their keyhole mounts or threaded brass inserts, or shelf-mounted using their adjustable rear supports. Click here to read the Brochure.  

We strongly suggest one of our powerful yet compact subwoofers as part of any soundbar installation. Any of our ForceField line of subs or the step-up SuperSub models will mate superbly with the 3D Array soundbars. And of course two are always preferred. 

3D Array Soundbar Based Home Theater and Music Systems

Looking to create an affordable but audiophile-quality simple soundbar-based home theater? Fortunately there are a large number of affordable, good performance surround sound receivers today that can power the 3D Array models and an affordable subwoofer like the ForceField 3. It will perform all surround decoding and act as the hub for your home theater and music system. Want to build a big-time, high-end audiophile soundbar based home theater/music system? The 3D Arrays have you covered there too. With the same quality drivers as used in our award winning Triton tower speakers, you can go cost no object on high-end power amps and A/V processors, add some height and surround channels, a couple big SuperSub XXLs, and have a no holds barred system that will blow you and your friends away!

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