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Artisa Kitchen Announces: Sensorium

An alternate culinary universe for all five senses.

(Washington, DC - January 19, 2011)

Artisa Kitchen announces the opening of an unprecedented culinary production beginning April 12, 2011 called Sensorium. Situated on the Capitol River Waterfront, Executive Chef Bryon Brown, Founder of Artisa Kitchen and the DC Supper Club series, has brought together some of the District's most creative minds consisting of chefs, artists, producers, lighting and sound designers to produce a culinary event that unfolds over a 12-course meal and envelops all five senses.
What is Sensorium?  -- A sophisticated 12-course culinary production happening on the Capitol Riverfront beginning April 12, 2011 and running for six weeks.

About the production:
    �The production takes place under a 36-foot Geodesic dome.  Audio/visual and performance      
      elements are interwoven throughout the meal.
    �Each of the 12 courses unfolds through vignettes that engage all five senses.
    �This event is designed for unadulterated foodies and adventurous eaters. Following the              
      tradition of his DC Supper Clubs, guests must "submit their appetites" to Chef Brown and       
      allow themselves to be taken on a culinary extravaganza!
    �Each show will be limited to 30 guests, with two seatings per day (5:30pm and 9:00pm).
    �Tickets are $150 (discounts currently offered for the first four shows).

An emerging sensation in DC's hospitality scene, Chef Brown has served over 700 guests at his signature private Supper Clubs, hosted in art galleries throughout the District. With wait staff and a sommelier on hand, Artisa Kitchen has changed the dining landscape in DC by enhancing the culinary experience and allowing guests to dine within visually provocative art exhibits. After hearing time and time again that people want new and different dining experiences here in DC, he and his Artisa Kitchen team have taken everything they have learned and are pushing an already innovative dining concept into an unprecedented realm. Sensorium is their latest creation and it promises to deliver outstanding cuisine and an unforgettable experience for guests. The majestic atmosphere and spectacular waterfront location will excite both area residents and spring-time visitors.
For more information and to purchase tickets, go to www.sensoriumdc.com. A video trailer will soon be available. For more information on Artisa Kitchen's DC Supper Club series, including testimonials and reviews from satisfied guests, go to www.artisakitchen.com .
Contact Information:
Email: info@artisakitchen.com
Phone: 202-573-8197
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