How much are you paying for waste instead of paying farmers?

Lean means: achieving customer satisfaction through the most efficient use of time, water, machines, operators, coffee cherry, information, etc. It is the relentless pursuit, identification and elimination of waste!

"Lean at Origin" training from Artisan Coffee consulting delivers bottom-line results for the entire value chain!

  • Impact Assessment & Evaluation - using modern, participatory methods for impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Cost Assessment & Evaluation - offering policy-makers, roasters and producers analysis of costs of production on the farm and at processing mills.

  • Business Planning - demonstrate profitability and scalability on paper for donors and investors.
Artisan Coffee Imports has been bringing executive education style courses in Lean management principles to producer organizations since 2016.

The "Lean at Origin" curriculum was piloted with cooperatives in Rwanda and Burundi in 2016-2017 as part of an Export Promotion grant from Trademark East Africa. From there, founder Ruth Ann Church continued to roll out the program to private producing companies in Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo.

Schedule a consult today with Ruth Ann to learn how your organization can benefit.
Profitable • Climate Smart • Gender Equal
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