May 2015
Artisan of the Month
Larry Gotkin


Larry was born and raised in Tucson , Arizona , and is a 1981 graduate of the University of Arizona School of Architecture in Tucson , and has been a licensed architect in Tucson since 1984.


Over the years, he has worked with scrimshaw, jewelry, oil painting, acrylics, color pencil drawings, and model-making.


He began making powderhorns in 2005, after seeing a fancy one online (having never seen a fully-carved horn before, just the basic simple production pieces).


Other than the basic mistake of drilling the spout hole out the side, it turned out pretty nice, and he was hooked.


In late 2009, he began forging some knife and tomahawk blades of his own, having taken some forging courses at the local community college. These blades are mostly historical in design, as he likes to keep some of the hammer marks showing.



Congratulations to Larry and his beautiful horn work!


Larry's work can be seen at: