We are pleased to announce award-winning contemporary Israeli sculptor Ronit Baranga's new solo exhibition, "Demons' Playground" at Booth Gallery in New York City, which opens Friday April 27th at 7pm. Congratulations Ronit!
From the Gallery press release:

Paul Booth Gallery is excited to welcome back Israeli sculptor Ronit Baranga for her solo exhibition of sculptures titled, “Demons’ Playground”. Baranga continues to muddy the line between living and still in this new series that explores the untamed facets of the imagination.

At first glance, Ronit Baranga’s sculpture installation may be perceived as naive. Upon further inspection, a strange sense of anxiety creeps in. Visions of a playful childhood give way to darker internal forces. Upon entering, observers discover a young girl playing, observing her hand transform into a demon screaming at her. The confrontation with her wild side makes leaves the girl laughing. Continuing on, a girl emerges from the wall, playing with cups and plates. Something animalistic comes out of the civilized, delicate tableware - they become “wild things” in her imagination. Throughout the space, it seems as though the entire China cabinet has come alive.

Ronit Baranga’s creations tend to give off the impression that they exist of their own free will. The dishware reaches out for one another and melds together, craving an embrace. The girls cast their self-perception on themselves and on objects around them-fascinated, curiously watching their wild side come out, free of inhibitions and fears-releasing the emotionally charged and often more painful demons than ideal childhood-like. It could be the fragile nature of the sculptures, or is it the looks of the life-like characters - something about Baranga's works seems exposed and vulnerable, and at the same time amused and curious.

Ronit Baranga is an award-winning contemporary sculptor artist living and working in Israel. Baranga’s creations have been displayed in museums and galleries around the globe and are a part of many notable museum and private collections. “Demons’ Playground” is Baranga’s second solo exhibition with Booth Gallery.

Booth Gallery is a New York City based art gallery representing both local and international artists. Booth is committed to presenting thoughtful exhibitions featuring artists whose works focus on a balance between content, form, research and communication. Through a well-rounded program, Booth Gallery aims to explore new avenues of cultural significance and visual communication. Our goal is to respond to the intellectual demands of our audience in pursuit of an edifying cultural exchange.
For details about available works, please contact the gallery at info@paulboothgallery.com
Highlights from the press:

"Sculptor Ronit Baranga Returns With ‘Demons’ Playground’" by Andy Smith (Hi-Fructose Magazine, April 17, 2018). Click image below for full article.