William McElcheran
(Canadian 1927 – 1999)
The Story – Three Businessmen, circa 1980
Bronze, light brown patina
19 3/8 H. x 15 W. x 13 1⁄2 D. inches
Edition of six casts, this the A/C (artist's copy)
Provenance: The Ashland Oil Company

William McElcheran (1927-1999) embraced a variety of media as his means of expression. He was equally proficient at drawing, painting, bas-relief and sculpture. Quickly, he became one of the most accomplished and versatile figurative sculptors of the 20th century. McElcheran is well-known for his businessmen, which are included in influential collections across three continents.
The wit, humor and irony of these pieces comes from his combination of masterful craftsmanship, moral courage and intellect which gave rise to the powerful humanism that animates his oeuvre. Bill McElcheran, the sculptor, always kept in mind the context of his work as he created each individual piece. His businessmen aren't mere bronze figures; these hurrying figures touch the world with their relevant and immediately identifiable subject matter. He distilled his bronzes into classic forms which never lost their grace and movement.
McElcheran's charismatic figures have intuitively been featured in public spaces, serving as a mirror to those rushing to and fro, a reflection of the working person. The below sculpture was placed in Calgary's Pedestrian Mall in 1981, taking inspiration from the city's inhabitants and gaining a new dimension with its open air context in line with the artist's vision.

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