A Nature Mystery
You see her flying high
Against a sky of blue

A ruler of some kind -
We know this to be true.

But can you find, on her hind,
Which title she assumes?

[See "Nature Mystery Revealed" below for the answer!]
Opening Art Reception this Sunday, October 4
Paintings by artist Don Baylor: "Millpond" (pictured above) and "Morning Light" (below).
Please join us this Sunday, Oct. 4th from 1:00 - 5:00 PM at the Brodhead Creek Heritage Center.
Enjoy a tour around the gallery, and a beautiful autumn afternoon at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve.

Refreshments will be served!
Masks and social distancing will be required.

Paintings and prints will be on sale with a percentage going to the BCHC.
This is also an opportunity to visit the display of the history of Brodhead trout fishing.

Following this reception, the Heritage Center will be open limited times. If you can't attend on October 4th, please consider arranging a visit to the gallery by contacting the artist, Don Baylor, at 570-269-6655.
This exhibit will be on display until November 1st, 2020.
About the Artist: PHLT Board Member Don Baylor
Don is a native of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania where he lives today with his wife Barbara. He taught English at Stroudsburg High School for 30 years. He served in the United States Army in 1969-71. Don earned an M.S. in aquatic biology, and since 1980 has worked as a biologist with Aquatic Resource Consulting. He has been involved in stream baseline and monitoring studies of fishes and macroinvertebrates throughout the Northeast. He enjoys fly fishing the Brodhead and wrote the booklet Pocono and Upper Delaware Hatches, was published in Rod & Reel, and authored over 60 technical reports for Aquatic Resource Consulting. He has conducted a course available on a 3DVD set: Trout Stream Entomology & Fly Tying.
For the last several years, he has enjoyed painting trout studies and angling and landscape scenes. He remains very active in the Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Brodhead Watershed Association, Pocono Heritage Land Trust, and the PA Fly Fishing Museum Association.
Attention Volunteers: Fall Schedule Changes
Some of our event dates have changed. Please refer to this new schedule or our website for current dates.

Help us uphold the health and beauty of our public nature preserves!
All events will maintain safe social distancing.
Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve
Wednesday October 7th
9 AM - 12 PM

Help us remove and pile invasive shrubs from the meadow at Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Preserve. These cut shrubs will later be used to create in-stream habitats along the creek!
Glen Run Nature Preserve
Wednesday October 14th
9 AM - 12 PM

Help us remove invasive shrubs from this preserve to protect its natural features and keep the paths cleared for the many frequent visitors who enjoy hiking and biking the trails.
Fieldstone Farm Nature Preserve
Wednesday November 4th
9 AM - 12 PM

Help us remove invasive shrubs to preserve the natural features and historic beauty of this photogenic preserve.
Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Nature Preserve
Wednesday November 11th
9 AM - 12 PM

Help us remove invasive Japanese barberry to protect an area of the preserve known for its spectacular spring wildflower displays.
Want to help out, but can't attend these events?
Sign up for our volunteer list and tell us about your interests!
Show your support through a donation today.
Photo Credits
Ray Roper: Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Preserve (photo 1)
Candace Roper: Pomeroy McMichaels Creek Preserve (photo 2)
Neil Boushell: Fieldstone Farm Preserve; Lori Jean: Glen Run Preserve
Shout-Out to Our September Volunteers!
Volunteers helped pull invasive mile-a-minute vine from the Learn Preserve, braving rain and filling 11 trash bags to contain the vine and prevent it from spreading through seed.
A United Way Day of Caring event was held on Yankee Run Preserve, where volunteers cleaned up bags of litter and cleared and marked a new loop trail around the preserve!
Thank you to all of you who volunteered last month. We are so grateful to
be stewarding natural lands with the help and support of our community!
Thank you for supporting Pocono Heritage Land Trust!
Enjoy these October Holidays and Events
October 1 - Harvest Moon

October 5 - World Habitat Day

October 10 - World Migratory Bird Day

October 18 - Day Without The Delaware
(could you imagine a life without our river?!)

October 31 - Hunter's Moon
Nature Mystery Revealed
Our beauty is... A Viceroy!

Viceroys have long been known to be mimics of the Monarch. Because Monarch caterpillars feed on milkweed, as adults they are distasteful to predators, and display this warning with their bright coloration. Previously thought to be a "Batesian mimic" (a harmless species that mimics a harmful species), more recent studies have shown that the Viceroy is actually a "Mullerian mimic," or co-mimic--predators find both species equally distasteful.

While Monarchs migrate to Mexico each winter, Viceroys overwinter here in the U.S. as caterpillars. The salicylic acid in willow and poplar trees (the caterpillar's primary food sources) is what makes the Viceroy just as distasteful to predators as the Monarch.

The black bar near the margin of the hind wing is the Viceroy butterfly's distinguishing feature.
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