Letter from Netta Bacon who received our Corning scholarship this summer.
Shalom Members of the AIDA Scholarship Committee,

I would like to thank you so much for the scholarship I was given this summer to attend the Pate de Verre course held by Mr. Shinichi Higuchi in Corning.

I have been wanting to learn from Mr. Higuchi for some time now and it was indeed an excellent class and a great learning experience. The course was very methodical and technical. We all created a Pate de Verre bowl (as you can see in the picture above) using Mr. Higuchi's very precise methods, which he developed through years of study.

I feel that studying this way was very important for me. Until now I have only made my work through my own experiments, not always successful in getting the result I was looking for. Adapting the work methods that Mr Higuchi generously taught us will surely help me greatly with my future work.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Shana Tova!