Artist of the Month
Dale Rayburn


Self Portrait


Individuals shaped and molded by life's joys as well as 
trials-individuals characterized by their permanence, by their ability 
to endure-it is these individuals who inhabit the artistic world 
of Dale Rayburn's paintings and etchings. Although the artistic
 world inhabited by these individuals is often portrayed as regional-as what many consider as "typically southern", Rayburn's work 
transcends regional boundaries and stereotypes in both it's 
portrayal of universal human experiences and emotions. 
Furthermore, Rayburn's emphasis on line quality, on the interplay
 of positive spaces, of the characters he portrays-reflects the 
influence of such artists as Rembrandt, Thomas Eakins, and 
Edward Hopper. Born in Carriere, Mississippi, in 1942, 
Dale Rayburn considers himself fortunate that he is able to make a living doing what he loves most, yet he does not believe that 
he should compromise his own artistic integrity by simply 
catering the artistic whims of the movement. It is the work 
itself-being true to whatever idea which he wishes to
portray-that is most important to him. As he noted,
"If my work is honest it will have merit."




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