Artist of the Month
Juliette Vos



Artist's Statement and Biography
Although my paintings are representational, 
they are often not literal translations of their 
subject matter. The subject can also be a 
metaphor for an emotion or memory from 
my own particular and distinctive experience 
as a woman - 
wife, mother as well as painter.
         I try to create a language of visual elements 
that communicates through the use of form, color, 
paint, quality and edges. Each painting is a 
dialogue of light and shadow, cool and warm, 
and near and far away. As an artist, I use all 
of these tools to interpret an idea. I enjoy exploring techniques that allow the paint or medium to have an uncontrolled life of its own. Sometimes the 
paint is left dripping and sometimes it is applied 
in a rich impasto. I paint primarily in oil because 
of its great flexibility but am working in all 
mediums, mostly on paper.
 Juliette Vos is a Mississippi artist who spends part of each year with her Dutch husband in Europe. She came to painting late in life. After having been a banker on 
Wall Street, Vos returned to school 
to follow her true love, art. She studied at Parson's New School in New York, and Heatherly's and 
Chelsea College of Art in London. A great 
influence was a year studying with Bobby Popov 
in London. She has been a professional artist for 15 years. Her work has been exhibited and collected privately and 
by various corporations across the southeast of the 
United States and Europe. She has been represented by 
The Pink Rooster Gallery since its beginning. She 
continues to surprise clients with new subjects and 







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