Artist of the Month
Lisa George



Lisa George's career path started in New York working in marketing
 and advertising. A spontaneous trip to Grand Cayman turned into a four-year stay when she was unexpectedly offered a job as a 
Morning Show Co Host on the island's radio station. Returning
 to the US she settled in Atlanta where she continued working
 in the radio industry doing concert promotion.
"If you had told me five years ago that jewelry would be such a big part of my life, I would have laughed at you," she says, "today jewelry is my obsession, I live and breathe it, it's who I am." Although she had a natural flair for design she never paid too much attention to it. A 
turning point in her career and life path came when Lisa was
 diagnosed with breast cancer. Her life simply changed. One random day Lisa decided to visit a local bead shop to try her hand at creating a necklace with gemstones she had saved from her Mother and Grandmother. That night she wore her creation to dinner and a
 friend in PR suggested she enter a contest in a local magazine 
entitled "In Search of the Perfect Necklace". She entered and won!
 What began as a distraction soon became a passion. Over the 
next year and a half an ever-growing circle of admirers 
of her jewelry lead to the founding of 
L George Designs 
in 2013. Today the brand can be found in over 
300 women's boutiques across the country.

The "perfect necklace" design was the catalyst that inspired a desirable collection of necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets and rings, all designed by L George and hand made in our Rhode Island workshop by skilled craftsmen. Crystals and pearls from Swarovski, turquoise from Kingman Mines in Arizona, jade and deerskin leather combine with hand assembled chains in five colors: gold, rhodium, gun metal, matte silver and matte gold, to create jewelry that enhances the wearer's sense of individuality and originality. Casings, rings and clasps are also handmade; the 8mm square casing for crystals seen on many pieces has become an L George signature. Many of the pieces can be customized according to the choice of color of crystals and color of metal finishes. L George's fully handcrafted creations are an expression of her unique design aesthetic and uncompromisingly high standards of production.

L George Designs exists as an ode to the resilience and resourcefulness of women everywhere on the planet. All women who have had to start over, to create a new life or come back in face of all the odds, these are the courageous women who inspire her and she creates for them, to empower them. L George takes these women into her heart when designing her jewelry and her energy is transmitted back to her customers through her creations. L George Design customers share an emotional connection to their jewelry. It brings a smile to Lisa's face every time she hears these words from a happy customer...
"It just feels good on"





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