Artist of the Month
Stig Marcussen

  Christmas in 




Stig Marcussen graduated from Mississippi State 
with a bachelor of arts degree that emphasized painting 
and commercial art.  He attended the New Orleans 
and the Pennsylvania Academics of Fine Arts, both 
on full one-year scholarships.  Best known for his 
mural at Biloxi Regional Medical Center, Marcussen 
works about 80 hours a week developing his art.  "I 
capture the idea so that people don't see the paint 
anymore," he said.  "They see the idea."  He keeps 
dozens of illustrated hardbound journals depicting 
his life and life around him.  The volumes are filled 
with artistic expressions of things great and things 
trivial.  Everything is a subject for an artist, and if 
Marcussen ever does run out of ideas, he can refer 
to his journals to jog his memory.  "Ninety percent of 
art is the idea, I let a piece go where it wants to go."




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