Artist of the Month

Kahlil Deerman

Kahlil Deerman is a flameworking glass artist of over 23 years. Kahlil first became interested in glass while he was a freshman in college at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Over the following several years, Kahlil's interest in glass became a full blown passion. After completing his bachelors degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado in 2000, Kahlil dedicated himself to the exploration of many flameworking techniques.

A background based in architectural design has had a profound influence in his work in terms of composition, style, color and approach. Kahlil operates a high powered oxygen/propane gas torch to melt and manipulate the hot glass, and a large kiln to anneal all of his work to the highest standard in quality.

The glass he uses is a high strength borosilicate commonly referred to as "pyrex". Borosilicate glasses were initially developed for scientific purposes, but in recent years has been utilized by artistic flameworkers. "I love the variety and intensity of the colors available in the boro-pallette, the clarity and compatibility of these colors is fascinating. I find that the color combinations are infinite, as I am continually finding new patterns and designs!"

As borosilicate flameworking matures, so does the availability 

of new colors and tools which in turn reflects the constant improvement in Kahlil's work.

Presently, Kahlil lives and works in beautiful Longmont, Colorado with his family. He works in a charming studio at his home surrounded by mature trees. He is constantly inspired by the nature around him and the tremendous views of the mountains outside his studio window. When he is not at work, Kahlil can be found at the golf course, or at the mountain snowboarding. His work can be found at numerous galleries and collections throughout the United States.

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