Art Fusion Galleries is Proud to Present Our 
Courtney Einhorn             

Art Fusion Galleries is pleased to present the artwork of Courtney Einhorn.  They say that an empty canvas is filled with possibility, and such was Courtney's mindset when she decided to set out to paint. In search of fulfillment, she wanted to add some color to her life so she picked up a paint brush and has yet to put it down. In doing so, she found a true outlet for her creative freedom to flow. 

Courtney has discovered her artistic style -- abstract, bold, colorful and filled with texture. With this style, the possibilities are endless, and she looks forward to continuing to grow as an artist and making her life's canvas more beautiful each day.

Born and raised in Miami, Courtney is strongly influenced by the city's vibrant colors, which shines through in her paintings. Courtney's purpose in her creations is to elicit an uplifting energy from the viewer; the most common words she hears when people describe her work are, "joyful, enchanting, vivid."   Courtney feels blessed to trace her artistic talent to her grandfather, who was a mural painter in New York in the 1940's through to the 1960's.

Courtney Einhorn's artwork is currently represented by our Gallery; and, we are pleased to name her our Artist of the Week.

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"Fusion XII ~ Infused" 
Saturday, October 10th 2015

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Saturday, July 11th  2015

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