November 2018
Progressive Farmhouse Kitchen
Project of the Month
Rustic wood-grain-look porcelain floor tile + Shaker cabinets + marble-look countertops + Ruth Bader Ginsberg action figure
The Creativity Caravan
Amy Tingle and Maya Stein co-founded The Creativity Caravan in 2013 -- a studio, gallery and imaginarium -- to spark, engage and nourish creativity in people and communities everywhere. A few examples: workshops on making tiny books, on the spot typewriter poetry, evenings creating community & connection through storytelling, letter-writing, drawing & music, Brave Girls Art Summer Camp, and gallery exhibitions. To be honest, I'm in awe of the creativity that exudes from Amy & Maya!

After 2 years at a brick & mortar space in downtown Montclair, Amy & Maya are ready to hit the road and become a mobile business again. Come bid them Bon Voyage at the "It's Not Farewell: Grand Closing Celebration" on Saturday December 22 from 4 - 8 pm, 28 South Fullerton Ave, Montclair NJ.
10 Tips for Greening Your Kitchen & Cooking
Green Design & Mindful Living
Improving your environmental footprint and healthy eating doesn't require remodeling. There are many strategies that you can use in any kitchen. Here are some reminders of what you already know:
  1. Avoid excessive food packaging
  2. Shop local, seasonal & organic
  3. Eat less meat & more veggies
  4. Bring your own food shopping bags
  5. Use only natural cleaning products
  6. Replace paper towels & napkins with reusable cloth
  7. Install a water filter faucet
  8. Use small appliances like a toaster oven to conserve energy
  9. Avoid added antibiotics
  10. Replace toxic teflon cookware with healthy non-stick ceramic