January 2018
Dear Clients, Supporters, Colleagues and Friends,
It is 2 weeks into 2018 and we feel like we hit the ground running!

We hope you had a peaceful and joyous holiday, and we wish you all the best this New Year! We took some vacation time during the holidays and were able to focus on accomplishing projects for the restoration of our personal new old home! We’ll share a little bit from our labors with you in this issue.

We are pleased to announce that we have a couple of public speaking engagements this month. So without further ado, this is what we are up to.....

Sincerely, Barbara and CJ
Colorado Arts & Crafts Society
Annual Winter Symposium
We are very excited to announce that we are headed to Golden, Colorado this week for the Colorado Arts & Crafts Society’s annual symposium! We have been invited to be this year’s speakers for the event which will be held on Saturday, January 20th at the historic Boettcher Mansion (pictured right, and above in the header). We have a series of programs and events planned for a 3 day period. If you're in the area, we hope to see you!
CJ is the keynote speaker on Saturday evening , following a reception and dinner.
He will present his lecture titled, Artistic Couples of the Arts & Crafts Movement: Herbert McNair & Frances Macdonald and Carl & Karin Larsson .

He tells the story of two dynamic couples, at the turn of the last century, who helped to shape the character of the Arts & Crafts movement, and continental Art Nouveau.   
On Saturday afternoon, Barbara Pierce will be doing a presentation on understanding color and color placement for architecture. In this well illustrated one-hour presentation, Barbara will share practical information attendees will readily be able to apply to their own exterior painting projects.

On Sunday afternoon, Barbara will be set up at Modern Bungalow in Denver, offering 30 minute private one-on-one color consultations.
This opportunity for affordable professional consultation is offered between noon and 4pm, and must be reserved in advance.

More details and registration information for all programs and consultations is available here .
Additionally, for anyone in the Denver area who is in need of more comprehensive in home consultation, we are scheduling appointments for Monday, January 22nd. Appointments can be reserved through Danielle at Modern Bungalow or by emailing or calling us directly at 814.493.8642.

More information about our color and design consultations can be found here .
Fine Art Prints of CJ's Work!
Have you been interested in one of CJ's paintings, but are not ready to make the investment in original art?

Last month, we released a line of affordable prints representing a few of CJ’s most popular watercolor paintings. The prints are high quality archival reproductions, printed on fine art paper, and come pre-matted, cut to fit in standard size frames!
On the back of each print is a detailed description, and a story about the image.
Roses With Tulip Print

Matted to fit 16" x 20" standard frame
Square Roses Flanked by Tulip Print

Matted to fit 13" x 19" standard frame
Nouveau Rose Print

Matted to fit 11" x 14" standard frame
Celtic Rose Print

Matted to fit 10" x 13" standard frame
Fine Art Cards
Don't forget our great greeting cards made from a selection of 9 of CJ's paintings.
Blank inside.

Available as packages of 5, 12, 25, and 40. Custom size packages available upon request.

Sad Goodbye to Early Linoleum
On a personal note, we wanted to share a glimpse at the project we did over the winter holiday.
Although we were very sad to lose it, our kitchen's nearly original Art Deco linoleum had to go! Unfortunately, it was dry rotted and crumbling in places, so we spent our time off meticulously removing it. The design on this floor was inlayed, making the pattern nearly irreplaceable. It was truly avant garde in its design sensibilities -- prototypical Bauhaus!
On the bright side, underneath we found the original softwood subfloor in mostly immaculate condition. We will keep it bare wood until later this year when we do a more extensive kitchen project, and it will likely go back to acting as a subfloor for new linoleum!

We love our "new" NW PA home because of the design flexibility it gives us; it was built in 1925, so it rides the line of late-Arts & Crafts and early-Art Deco. That's a sweet place to be, in terms of preservation, and we plan to utilize both design aesthetics in the home. Our kitchen and bathroom will likely have more Art Deco sensibilities, while the rest of the house will blend late-period Arts & Crafts with 1920’s Art Nouveau style.
We Need Your Referrals
Happy clients and word of mouth referrals are important to our business. Please share us with your friends and family and encourage them to call or email us for their design and consultation needs!

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to seeing you at our next event or on our Facebook page.
Learn More About Us
If you are interested in reading articles about our work or, articles written by CJ, you can find a selection of options here.

Given CJ's upcoming lecture in Denver, the following is a particularly interesting read to share now! Poetic Spaces was published by by Style 1900 magazine.