Arts Monthly
November 2018
“Don't wait until the fourth Thursday in November, to sit with family and friends to give thanks. Make every day a day of Thanksgiving!” 
C harmaine J Forde
Coming up in our Gallery for November
Allied Arts of Whatcom County’s 2018 Gallery Series will display a collection of works representing each artists’ dedication to a certain subject matter or media. Theme and Texture will feature artists Jan Landin, Julia Martin, Nancy Thomson, Vikki Jackson, and Lyn Jackson, as they explore their individual passions and inspirations.

Theme and Texture will be displayed from November 2 nd through December 2018, following its opening reception on November 2 nd from 6 to 9p.m. The Allied Arts Gallery is dedicated to providing a professional space for local artists of every background and experience level to present and sell their work, supporting the arts and artists of Bellingham’s community. For more information, visit or contact Katy Tolles, Artist Services Coordinator, at 676-8548 x2 or
Its the MOST wonderful time of the year!
Check our website in the coming weeks for information on the weekend performances, kids activities and more!
Lend a helping hand!
We have some great volunteer opportunities coming up. Click the links below to lend a helping hand!

Allied Arts Gallery, Thrift Store and Office will be closed:
  • Saturday, November 10 - Monday, November 12 in observance of Veterans Day
  • Thursday, November 22 for Thanksgiving

We may also be close periodically throughout the month without warning. We are a small staff and the Holiday Festival sometimes stretches our human resources a bit thin! Thanks for your patience!
Call to Artists
Calling all photographers: Fourth Corner Frames & Gallery will be hosting “Artists Choice 2019 – Photography Edition” in January 2019. The call and the application can be found on our website: , on both the Home page and the Events Calendar.
Advice for aspiring artists
My name is Mike Svob. Since 1982, I have been a full-time artist based in Vancouver, Canada. I am the author of "Paint Red Hot Landscapes That Sell” and a former president of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Over the past 30 years, I have shared my skills and love for painting via workshops across North America and Europe. Through these workshops, I have taught and mentored hundreds of artists at different stages in their development.

This Fall, I am embarking on a new and exciting project - an online course for acrylic painters of all skill levels. You can get a taste of the course and my teaching style on my  new YouTube Channel  where I share painting tips, techniques, and business advice on a weekly basis.

When I was the President of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), we constantly struggled to get quality resource materials to share with our members. I have written three articles for beginner, intermediate and advanced painters that I am happy to share with your members. Feel free to access them  here .
Multi-signature Book Binding Supplies for Sale
Sewing frame, book binding hammer, glue brush, book boards, some heavy buckram, sewing tape, and two books: Decorative Papers and Fabrics by Annette Hollander and Bookbinding and the Care of Books by Cockerel.  $30 Carol Smith phone: 360-592-5720 or email me at
Artist Studio Survey - for those interested in renting studio space
Local advocate for artist studios and goldsmith Sacha Bliese has been talking with property owners about the potential of transforming their building downtown into artist studios. The current vision sounds great and the owners have asked her to see what kind of interest there is in our artist community.

If you're interested in renting an artist studio please fill out the short survey (below / 5 mins).  

Before taking the survey, take a moment to think about what you need from a studio.  How much space do you need?  
What is your budget?  What do you need the studio to do for you?

After submitting your results, please share it with anyone else who might be interested.

Kids Art Classes for Winter Break
Join Art Teacher Miss Rachel Simpson in the Magical Creatures & Wizards in a Winter Wonderland! On December 17th - 20th, 11:00am – 2:00pm (with a lunch break at 12:30pm ), at Unique Technique Dance Studio: 3815 Bakerview Spur #1, Bellingham, WA.98226

Registration is $100 per Student. Register with enrollment via PayPal:
Contact Miss Rachel Simpson via email with your name & students information. Includes 4 day class sessions, art supplies, instruction, & final day of Harry Potter Themed Party with Snacks & Beverages. Ages: 6-12 years. Minimum students: 5 Maximum students: 12. Find out more about Rachel's Whimsical Art & Artist/Teacher Rachel Simpson:

Art Projects & Fun!
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Galaxies & Nebulas to Paint
  • Expecto Patronum! Create your own Animal Guide with Colored Pencils & Pastels
  • Paint Creatures onto Canvas – Dragons, Hippogriffs, Unicorns, Oh My!
  • Draw Owls & Castles in Pastels/Charcoal
  • Create Your Very Own Magical Wand!
  • Art Games - Capture the Unicorn & Story Drawing!
  • A Harry Potter Party! Games like The Sorting Hat & dress-up in costume. Drinks like Butter Beer, Pumpkin Juice, & Treats like Chocolate Frogs, Cookies, Tarts, & more!
THREE calls for artists from the City of Bellingham
More information about each of the following can be found here

Mahogany Avenue Art
The City has issued a Request for Qualifications seeking individuals or teams to design, fabricate and install artwork at the North End Regional Pond (NERP) along Mahogany Avenue. The NERP is a large stormwater facility, and the surrounding area will be undergoing substantial residential redevelopment over the next several years. The primary goal of this project is to crate a feature of interest (to be viewed) from the newly developed Mahogany Avenue and the pedestrian trail adjacent to the NERP. 

$60,000 is available for design, materials, fabrication and installation of the artwork.  

Due Date: November 2, 2018 by 5:00pm

Anamorphic Mural  
The City of Bellingham has issued a Call for Art for an experienced artist to install a mural in the alley behind 1300 Commercial Street, on the columns of the public parking garage in a effort to enhance the alley adjacent to the public parking garage. The installation area includes eleven concrete columns and two aggregate panels (which may or may not be incorporated at the discretion of the artist).

$5,000 is available for design, materials and all expenses associated with the installation of the artwork.

Due Date: November 15, 2018 by 5:00pm

Traffic Box Artwork
The City of Bellingham has issued a Call for Art for original artwork to be installed on six (6) traffic boxes located in the downtown Arts District. The goal of the project is to reinforce a sense of place and enhance the identity of the district, while adding beauty and interest to the streetscape.

$500, for each image selected and installed, will be given to the selected artist (s).

Due Date: November 30, 2018 by 5:00 pm
Want to find out about more great art events and opportunities happening in December throughout Whatcom County? Check out our Events Calendar!