Deputy Director Steven Skerritt-Davis and I recently traveled across the state to meet with the boards of directors of arts agencies in each of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions. The conversations offered a deep dive into the program changes at MSAC, along with an opportunity to learn how we can better serve arts leadership of our state. These discussions were another way to put the policy changes of the past two years into action... moving theory into practice.

I am happy to report that the implementation of MSAC’s strategic plan is moving forward as staff are being invited to meet with the boards of directors of arts organizations. During these interactions, we discuss how theories of equity and justice show up in programmatic design, how communities are engaged for creative ideation, and how inclusive practices lead to sustainability. 

The culminating effect of this work, from theory to implementation, is empowering the statewide arts sector. As MSAC is embraced as an active partner in the work of artists and arts organizations in Maryland, we are quickly realizing the goals identified in our strategic plan: increase participation, provide intentional support, build capacity, leverage connections, and bolster the arts in Maryland. Onward!
 Ken Skrzesz, Executive Director, Maryland State Arts Council