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I urge you to host an ARTS SHABBAT experience at your congregation this fall. Enliven your programing, increase your "foot traffic," and keep the high holiday momentum going.

Scroll down and read on for all the information you need. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the Synagogue Council office,   617-244-6506 x18, and/or Joey Baron at JArts,   617-531-4610.

Chag Sameach WAY in advance,
David Bernat PhD, Executive Director, SCM
Dear Synagogue Leader
As your congregation plans its 2019-2020 programs, please consider participating in the third annual Arts Matter Shabbat, October 25-26, 2019. What could be a more fitting time to celebrate artistic creativity than the weekend we read parshat Bereisheit?
Arts Matter Shabbat offers you new programmatic, spiritual and marketing opportunities. Besides a wonderful program, here are just a few of the benefits your community receives as an Arts Matter Shabbat participant:
  • Partnership with JArts in developing a creative program which fits your community's needs and interests
  • Promotion of your event on JArts website, on, in our Fall 2019 brochure and in email newsletters and on WBUR
  • An opportunity to reach out to new community members who are attracted to creative programing
We are open to all sorts of creative ideas. Last year, 15 groups participated with programs ranging from comedy to acapella, community art shows to Sephardic folk songs. The world of Jewish art and culture, like Bereisheit, is ripe with possibilities. All we ask is that it be a special event, not your usual ritual celebration.
Here is the Arts Matter Shabbat timeline:
By May 24: Let us know if you are interested by completing our Arts Matter Shabbat form AT
By June 15: Initial program planning and coordination with JArts
By August 1: Finalize programs, confirm details
By August 9: Submit final materials for JArts Fall brochure and website (program name/description/details)
Just picture the excitement when across the Jewish community, we gather to celebrate the rich world of Jewish arts and culture. We hope you will join us and are eager to work with you.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.
Joey Baron
Artistic Director, JArts
Presented by the Jewish Arts Collaborative in partnership with the Synagogue Council and Mass Creative, a state-wide advocate for the arts.

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