UC San Diego Arts and Humanities Moments January 2021
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
As calls for solidarity and unification resound following the insurrection at the Capitol, we are faced once again with the complexity of ideologies entrenched within our society. Ford Foundation president Darren Walker said, "Democracy is the greatest threat to white supremacy." Therefore we strengthen democracy by being anti-racist, in our community and in the classroom.

We must be intentional in our collective response against racism and white privilege. Unity comes from deeply reflecting on what led us here as a society, accepting responsibility and finally, reconciliation.

At the same time fragile and strong, our democracy depends on it.

As artists and humanists, we not only have the capacity to deeply understand concepts of "democracy," "truth" and "justice," but we also have the responsibility to teach them to our students, giving students the tools to become critical thinkers of the future to help uncover and abolish what is unjust and inequitable.

Critical thinking in and of itself is not owned by our disciplines, but the type of critical thinking we offer - understanding history to guide action today, investigating literature to enrich culture, using creativity to express anger, truth or joy - is what society so urgently needs, whether in museums and libraries, boardrooms and hospitals, or Capitol Hill.

As we begin a new year under immense stress as a nation, recognize your position as leaders committed to making these changes. Encourage and listen to each other, and through our unity, may democracy's fullest potential be realized.

Dean Cristina Della Coletta 
UC San Diego Division of Arts and Humanities
Division funds first-round projects of new Inclusive Excellence Initiative

The Dean's Office has helped fund projects supporting equity, diversity and inclusion in Philosophy, Visual Arts, History and the Institute of Arts and Humanities, and communications. The next application deadline is March 15, 2021 (PDF) >>

Encouraged by their classes, Music undergraduate students release a new album featuring a floor-by-floor look at Geisel Library.

The amphitheater is the latest of significant work to the area, including east façade enhancements for three Visual Arts Facility buildings, a Stuart Collection installation and Rupertus Walk.

Institute for Practical Ethics co-director and Philosophy professor Craig Callender said having artificial intelligence expert Stuart Russell as the institute's third keynote was a chance for the greater community to engage with groundbreaking scientific advancements.

The new program named 16 faculty members this year, including Simeon Man and Luis Alvarez of History, and Lisa Porter of Theatre and Dance.

Updates: North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood
  • National Endowment for the Humanities matching grant update, plus a thank you to supporters
  • The move in is underway, see the updated schedule
Triton Leaders Conference: Advancing Equity, Feb 5-6

UC San Diego Alumni hosts a weekend of advocacy that includes Arts and Humanities alumni from History, Music, Theatre and Dance, and Literature, plus a special session with Cecil Lytle of Music.

Jan 22: Explore key themes in Black Pacific Studies, presented by humanities programs at UC Irvine, UCLA, the UC Humanities Network and our own Institute of Arts and Humanities.

Over 2,000 years ago, a losing politician incited his followers to riot. It ended in death, destruction and civil war, writes Edward Watts of History in Zocalo Public Square.
Feb. 3: Law professor and bioethicist Dov Fox examines the case of "Donor 9623" and the competing agendas behind the biggest reproductive hoax of our time. Hosted by the Institute for Practical Ethics.

In this one-hour podcast interview, Literature professor Kazim Ali discusses the divine in art, what the sound of poetry can embody and enact, the fundamental oneness of human life and a shared love of music.