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A Personal Note from Susan

... Bali, Indonesia, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and now Seattle, WA!
While some of us choose to remain close to our original home, as I have done over these past 53 years, currently residing less than a five minute ride from my Mom's home and where I grew up.  My eldest daughter Samantha has chosen to make travel a high priority in her life, and the partial list above are all places she has visited in her short 28 years on this earth.

As you read this, we have just enjoyed a first visit to Seattle, WA where Sami and I enjoyed the sights, food and entertainment of this beautiful city.  The views were at times breathtaking, majestic and peaceful.  Here are a few pics of our excursion.
I purchased a book to read during my travels and I'll include the title and a brief overview in my Resource section below.  This book is about the power of synchronicity in each of our lives.  It was a perfect book, while traveling with my daughter Samantha, as I believe she is practicing what this book preaches on a consistent basis.  She has been guided over the years to travel, visit
and live in many different locations.  Each experience has brought her much joy, wisdom and a deeper connection to her own spirituality
My message to you this month is to follow your dreams, your intuition and the "knowing" that exists within each of us.  I am convinced that all of those emotions are in part the Universe directing us to where our souls need to be next.
I'm sure that you have a story to share on how synchronicity has shown up in your life, and I encourage you to hit reply and share it with me!

Much love,
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Trusting the Wisdom in Your Heart

I am so excited to be sharing with you 
the concepts presented in Quantum Leaps - 7 Skills for Workplace ReCreation by Charlotte Shelton. 

Over the next several months, I intend to share with you in more detail, The Seven Quantum Skills that will enable you to see the world in a new way. This month we explore The Quantum Skill of Quantum Feeling: The ability to feel vitally alive!

Doesn't everyone reading this desire the ability to feel vitally alive? We long for high-energy lives. Many of us, at least occasionally, struggle with creating them. Busy schedules drain our energy, stress-filled to-do lists exhaust us. We all desire health and vitality but, too often, we experience tiredness and dis-ease. We want bliss, but we live on the precipice of burnout.

The title of this article is Trusting the Wisdom in Your Heart. What exactly does that mean and how do we do it, consistently? Much has been written about how powerful our brain is, and how we only use a small percentage of its resources. But did you know that the strongest electromagnetic signal in the human body is generated by the heart? Our hearts are 40 - 60 times stronger than that of the brain. How much of your heart's resources are you using? 

Research suggests that the human heart is a primary source of power for the mind-body system. If this is so, perhaps it is possible for us to learn to change the physics of our bodies by learning to change the feelings of our hearts? Negative emotions such as; frustration, fear, anger, or prolonged stress decrease the coherence in the heart's electromagnetic waves. This causes the mind-body system to lose energy. 

Positive emotions such as; gratitude, compassion, love and appreciation increase the coherence of these waves. When we are feeling peaceful and relaxed, our nervous systems balance and heart rhythms become coherent. These changes are associated with feelings of increased peace and creativity, as well as heightened intuition. 

Hence, my recommendation for us all to begin Trusting the Wisdom in Your Heart. Stop, right now, take a few deep calming breathes with me...inhale...exhale, repeat a few more times. Then close your eyes, place your hands on your chest, over your heart, and ask...what is it that I need to know at this time. Now, this is the hard part...just sit for a few moments and listen. I find it helpful to journal my thoughts, feelings and inspirations after this practice. I'm amazed at how accurate our own inner knowing is if we will just slow down, ask, and listen

Enjoy this moment of peace....

Stay tuned for the June issue of my Co-Creator's Corner, where I will expand on the third Quantum Skill - Quantum Knowing - The ability to know intuitively.

Resource Corner

As I mentioned above, while on my trip to Seattle with my daughter Samantha I read, The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity by Trish and Rob MacGregor.
Here is a brief excerpt that highlights what you'll learn if you decide to read it.
"Once you begin to experience synchronicity on a regular basis, your life shifts into a deeper, richer realm.  It's easier to attract the people, opportunities, and situations that benefit you.  You feel you're on track, in the groove, firmly grounded in the moment, exactly where you're meant to be."

A Thought to Ponder

"Deep down, the consciousness of mankind is one."
By: David Bohm

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I believe  we are each given unique gifts, talents, skills ; that are meant to be shared with others. That is our purpose - it's truly that simple. My gifts include practical skills, such as the ability to sell - to market effectively - to run a successful business - all with the primary spiritual intention of being unconditional love!

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