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The Arkive: Ark and Dove's Newsletter
Come restore your spirit at both the 9:30 (choir led) and 11:00 (band led) worship services, this 19th Sunday after Pentecost!
Message from Pastor Tim
Dear Friends,

You have heard a lot of exciting news lately about ACT (Anne Arundel Coming Together). A key part of your 2017 Congregational Long Range Plan was to network with other religious leaders in our county.  Through ACT,  our church is partnering with other Christians, Unitarian Universalists, Jews and Muslims to work together on issues that affect our county.  

Education, addiction and mental health, gun violence, safe neighborhoods and affordable housing, education, immigration and transportation are the six issues that have risen to the top, as ACT conducted listening sessions with over 2800 people in Anne Arundel.  Ark and Dove conducted sessions with over 300 of those 2800.  Each of these issues has been assigned to Research Action Teams who are working with county leaders and resource people to learn and to promote practical improvements and solutions for our community. Hundreds of people are working on these research actions.

Some of this work will be highlighted at our Launch this Thursday, October 4, 7pm (come early) at First Christian Community Church at 1800 Douglas Hall Road in Annapolis. As of the writing of this letter, 90 people from Ark and Dove have signed up to attend. Our pledge was 105, so we only need 15 more people to attend what promises to be a great night. Out by 8:30 for sure.

ACT intends to hire a half-time organizer in 2019 and to that end each member organization pays dues. Our church pledged $2500 for 2018 and our Session voted to fund that pledge through our Peacemaking and Global Witness offering, which we are receiving right now. I am asking you to contribute to this special offering. You can easily and quickly exercise the gift of generosity by following this link.

As you know, this week has been a controversial week in Washington. As we are in close proximity to Washington, I think we often feel the news deeply. Because I have preached on sexual misconduct and sexual abuse and because we have excellent small groups in our church, an active Deacon’s ministry and generally high levels of trust,  I am aware of many women and several men in our congregation who have been the victims of sexual misconduct, harassment and abuse. People who have been abused do suffer in varying degrees from post-traumatic stress disorder.  This week has been particularly hard on them. I hope you will treat your fellow members and family gently in the face of such glaring headlines. One of the missions of our church is to provide love and support for people experiencing emotional pain. This might be something you could pray for this week.

Verse and Prayer
For if you keep silence at such a time as this, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another quarter, but you and your father’s family will perish. Who knows? Perhaps you have come to royal dignity for just such a time as this.” Then Esther said in reply to Mordecai,   “Go, gather all the Jews to be found in Susa, and hold a fast on my behalf, and neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. I and my maids will also fast as you do. After that I will go to the king, though it is against the law; and if I perish, I perish.
- Esther 4:14-16
Almighty God, we pray for your blessing on this congregation, Ark and Dove. Here may the faithful find your Spirit and the careless be awakened. Here may the doubting find faith and the anxious be encouraged. Here may the tempted find help and the sorrowful comfort. Here may the weary find rest and the strong be renewed. Here may the aged find consolation and the young be inspired. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Notes for you!
After our service last Sunday, I was told by one of the members in the congregation that the anthem that the choir led almost made her cry. That truly made my day. As our goal of reaching out to the congregation through music is accomplished. In this coming week, we hope to continue to speak to each and everyone of you through the beauty of music. We will be doing a seasonal piece that marvels at God’s creation. As the leaves start to turn, and the temperature starts to drop, come and join us as we wrap you up in the warmth of music. Stay tuned!


Dorene Chen
Interim Music Director
LOGOS has begun! I have been having a great time helping the middle school age kids develop their leadership and worship arts skills. We have exceptional people in our congregation, and I am thrilled to be a part of their community and development. Worship arts includes several aspects of leadership, but my long-term goal is to teach the kids so that we can begin a youth band once again. If you have any interest in this opportunity then please don't hesitate to contact me.

God bless!

Patrick Sise
Interim Director of Contemporary Music
Generosity Opportunities

DONATE ONLINE ! Peace and Global Witness Offering for IAF , Pledged Giving , Capital Savings Fund and more! Many opportunities await you!
Equipping the Saints
Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness
In our daily lives, as well as in our teams and ministries at church, conflicts are inevitable – some minor, some, perhaps, not so minor. Being better equipped to deal with these conflicts in a forgiving manner is a tool each of us can use. Join us this Wednesday, October 3rd at 6:30 as Pastors Tim and Jon lead a discussion on conflict resolution and forgiveness. We will start with dinner at 6:30 followed by lessons from 7-8:30. Contact Steve Debus ( or Bruce Sanders ( for more information.
Plan on Attending!
Deacons Corner
The Board of Deacons provides care and assistance to members and friends of Ark and Dove. At Ark & Dove we have nine deacons, and seven are assigned a portion of the congregation according to first letter of the last name.  We do not want you to feel alone during a difficult time. Reach out to your deacon; they want to help.
  • Cheryl Walcutt                      
  • Kathy Miller                        
  • Cathy Debus                     
  • Brian Boudreau                    
  • Annetta Fenstermacher        
  • Patriceo Green                      
  • Judy Cooper                           
Last names A, B, Y, Z
Last names C-E
Last names F, J-L
Last names G-I
Last names M-P
Last names Q-R, T-X
Last names S
If you are going through a long-term struggle, consider receiving the compassionate listening of a Stephen Minister, members of our congregation specially trained as holy listeners. Stephen Ministers provide extended care to one person, typically once a week, for a period of four to six to 18 months. They are there to walk alongside one person as they experience a major life changing event like death or divorce or serious illness. Our Stephen Ministry coordinator is Kelly Burnett.
Contact information for all of the deacons, including Kelly, is on the Ark & Dove website , in the church directory, and in the Board of Deacons brochure in the church lobby. For more information you can also contact Greg Makar, the current Moderator of Deacons ( , 301-483-8255).
Christian Education
Weekly Bible Study
Are you interested in delving a bit deeper into the Bible? Are you looking for some companions on your journey of faith? Come as you are, there are no prerequisites. We discern and discuss new Bible passages every Wednesday, 10:00 am . Questions? Please contact Pastor Jon,
Mission Ministry
SURJ Racial Justice Meet and Greet
You are invited to the next meeting of the Annapolis and Anne Arundel Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ 3A) to be held on Saturday, October 6 from 3-5 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church. SURJ 3A is a chapter of the national SURJ organization, which seeks to organize white people to dismantle white supremacy and support racial justice movements. This meeting will be a meet and greet followed by an introduction to SURJ and a discussion of priorities, plans, and ways to get involved. Contact Linnie at 410-999-7892 or
Blood Drive
Giving blood doesn’t require much time. About one hour should do it. Please give blood today. St. Joseph Catholic Church, Monday, October 8, 2:00pm to 7:30pm . To schedule your lifesaving donation please visit and enter Sponsor Code: odentonstjosephcatholicchurch or call 1-800- RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767). Questions? Please contact Karen Zajdek,
Mission Ministry Looking Forward!
You are invited Wednesday, October 10 , 7:00 pm , as we look at mission plans for Ark and Dove in 2019! Like to learn more? Cheryl Schafer,
Winter Relief: October 15 through October 22
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I; send me!”
- Isaiah 6:8

Please answer God's call! We need: overnight team members; people to show radical hospitality all week, and especially Sunday the 21st; morning and night drivers; setup help on the 14th and on the 23rd, after the carpets have been cleaned; intake team members; laundry team lead; a helper for Wednesday the 17th; and supplies/food. Signups are in the lobby. If you have any questions please contact Ylonda Fauntleroy (, Debbie Saylor (, co-team leaders, or Cheryl Schafer (, Mission Elder.
Prayer to Help Promote Peace in Anne Arundel County
Please give generously to the Peace and Global Witness Special Offering. All money collected from this donation will be used to support Arundel IAF.  Please thoughtfully consider your donation as we work towards advocacy for peace, justice and transformation in Anne Arundel County! Cheryl Schafer,

by Gregory Coles
CAP featured food item for September
Featured item for September is PEANUT BUTTER and PRESERVES. Please drop off food items in the Mission Zone bin. Thank you for your donations!  
The Music Director Search Team
The Music Director Search Team has been very busy. We have recently received resumes from several well-qualified candidates, have completed initial phone interviews with them, and are now conducting face-to-face interviews. We ask that you continue to pray for our team as we complete the process of selecting and hiring our new director hopefully in the very near future! Kim Champagne,
The Director of Contemporary Music Search Team
Session has approved the revised job description for the Director of Contemporary Music. We are advertising!
Outreach and Connection
Ark & Dove Women’s Night Out
The next gathering of the Ark and Dove women’s group is coming up, and we hope you will join us! We will be meeting tonight, Friday, September 28th at 6:00 pm at Chuy’s in Annapolis for a Tex Mex dinner and fellowship. Please RSVP to Amy Tardiff, by September 26, if you would like to join us this month. If you cannot attend, but wish to participate in future events with the women’s group please contact Amy, and she will add you to the email mailing list. 
Make Your Reservations Today!
Friendly Seniors will be meeting at on October 13 at Rinconcito Mexicano for lunch and to hear Karen Dodson talk about her career. Please let Joan Berry (410-672-5237, ) know no later than October 10 so reservations can be made.
New Members/Inquirers Class
All are welcome to join the New Members/Inquirer’s Class on Saturday, October 27, from 8:30 am to noon where you can meet other people who have been visiting Ark and Dove, and enjoy breakfast and fellowship. This “no obligation” class is just for you if want to learn more about Ark and Dove and what it means to be a member. We’ll provide breakfast and childcare. Hope to see you there! Sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the lobby or contact Donna Anderson at, so we can plan for breakfast and childcare.
Candidates' Forums for Delegates and Maryland Senate
Flowers for Worship Service
Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow;
they neither toil nor spin
- Matthew 6:28
The Ark and Dove flower team takes donations not only for Easter and Christmas but year-round. You may add to the Sunday worship, anytime, with flowers. You may bring your own (made by yourself or a florist) or donate, and have the flower team create an arrangement in your name/cause. These donations could be for a graduation, birthday, anniversary or maybe just an arrangement to say, I love you. Also, if you like to do arrangements (or just like flowers) the Flower Team can always use fresh ideas and contributions. Please contact Paula Griggs at 443-510-6687 or or feel free to fill out the flower contribution form on the bulletin board. 
Prayer Requests
Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:

PRAYERS OF HEALING AND SUPPORT for Ylonda Fauntleroy's granddaughter and Michelle Schoonmaker's niece, Wren; Declan Steward's mother, Cynny; Donna Hahn; Al Furlow; Christa Kronser; Charlotte Davie; Jay Olson; Mary Beckwith; Colette Efiom; Kameron and Kamarii Miller; Karen Dodson; Cliff Wellington’s father, Roy; Cheryl Walcutt’s sister, Judy Walsh; Amanda Wehage’s family; Jon Nelson’s aunt, Linda, and grandmother, Peggy; Chip Burnett; Laura Doughty's aunt, Marie; Ylonda Fauntleroy's aunt, Bernice Taylor; Diane Johnson's aunt; Brooks Emrick and her sister, Susan; Vaughn Brown and his sister, Kathie, and brother, Jim; Arlyce Lohr; Ann Hirschy; Carol and Dick Baily; Christy Yeager's father, Leon Jordan; Donna Anderson's brother-in-law, Tom; Frances Keyes; Dot Forloines; Helene Marchand-Stancil; Laura Willoughby's father, Norman; Mary Stum's sister-in-law, Sandy; Julia Kirby's mother, Margaret Floyd; Amy Carskadon's nephew; Jason Ziegler; Erika Sealing's son, Trip, and grandmother, Margaret Schade; Sue Hanburger's grandson, Enzo; Laura Rockwell's friend, Adam Hurst; Edie, Richard and Jennifer Budd; Dotty Kaufmann's grandson, Nathan; Amy Benson's family; Lisa Mezaache’s friend, Pearl McNamara; Abbey Boudreau’s cousin, Ross Walker; Greg and Diane Makar’s aunt, Adeline; Adell Gaurin’s midshipman, Jordan Sun; Annetta Fenstermacher’s sister, Margaret; Dorene Chen’s grandfather, Tian Tao Li; Christy Hipchen’s cousin, Corey; David Michels; Dakota Miller; Clarence Scott; Marlene and Doug DeHaven; Mike Stefanick; Jerry Webb’s friend, Mary Van Orten; Matthew Hagemann’s friend, Michael Prosperi; and Matthew Fellows.

If you have prayer concerns or blessings that you would like to share, please contact Deacon Patriceo Green at and he will add your concern to the prayer partners email chain.

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