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As Parents Age

Boomers and Businesses Struggle   

July 2014

Issue 22                  

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Today's newsletter is dated 2006, Jane Gross by line in NY Times.  I selected to send it to you because very little has changed since it was written.  In fact, I believe that business owners and care givers are in a more difficult situation simply because there are now more boomers. It is just a matter of time before ALL business owners will have an employee who becomes a family care giver and immediately a part time employee. This is costly for everyone.


Please read this article.  Call me if you want more information.

As Parents Age, Baby Boomers and Business Struggle to Cope 

March 25, 2006 - By JANE GROSS 


Nancy Goodman's employer, a telecommunications company in Boston, offers benefits to help employees care for elderly parents. But she found them nearly useless during four years of caring for her mother, who has Parkinson's disease, and her father, who died of kidney failure last year.


"They say they want to do the right thing," Ms. Goodman, 58, said of her employer, which she would not identify for fear of losing her job. "But when it comes down to it, they're not seeing the true picture."  


Ms. Goodman's lament is common, as corporate America scrambles to help the soaring number of baby boomers, mostly working women, whose obligation to frail, elderly parents results in absenteeism, workday distractions or stress-related health problems.

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