The long-simmering conflict between Russia and Ukraine saw tensions reach their highest levels since 2014 last week, as an estimated 100,000 Russian troops amassed on the Ukraine border in what Russia described as a “snap inspection” of its military readiness in the region. The action drew calls of concern from the United States and the European Union until Russia ordered the troops to return to their home bases.

But the action has drawn a different response from Voice of the Martyrs Korea. We have joined an international coalition of ministries committed to an emergency distribution of 100,000 children’s New Testaments throughout Eastern Ukraine as soon as possible.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley
Our UU interns visit other NKs who are sick and injured.

What do you do when two elderly North Koreans get in a fight?

We were faced with that very question when we found out that Mrs. Kang (NK defector) had a difference of opinion with another NK defector and the conflict came to blows. Mrs. Kang took a punch to her chest and ended up with a broken rib.

To make matters more complicated, the woman who broke Mrs. Kang's rib recently joined a cult group in South Korea.

Can fasting really be one way to remember your Christian brothers and sisters who are imprisoned?

In addition to deplorable prison conditions, many Christian prisoners aren't provided enough food.

This was the certainly the case for Pastor Richard Wurmbrand when he was imprisoned for 14 years under the Communists. Despite this he still "tithed" his bread and gave it to other prisoners who had a greater need than he did.

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Pray for God’s Word to be heard on radio in NK. Every night NKs risk everything to listen to foreign radio broadcasts in North Korea. Jamming from the NK government, environmental interferences and neighbors who report those who listen to foreign radio can make it difficult and even deadly for NKs to tune in. But we know that God’s Word is not bound and that close to 30% of NKs regularly listen to broadcasts like ours. Pray for clear signals and for open hearts to hear God’s word. 
Several Protestant seminaries have lost their education licenses in Russia. It is believed to be part of a government effort to reduce the number of seminaries and to reduce the capability of these denominations to properly license their pastors. Please pray for the denomination leaders to be faithful in the midst of this growing persecution in Russia.