We Could Not Have Done It Without You!
Happy Endings 2019
NorSled has been around for over 20 years, and has adopted out over 3,000 dogs. In 2019 alone, we have helped over 150 dogs from shelters throughout Northern California. Some of these shelters have no vet staff, some only part-time staff - all very overworked. The only hope for many of the dogs in these shelters is rescue. Here are just a few of the dogs NorSled helped this year:

Glazer - with severe demodex and depression from the pain, who has completely recovered and today has a beautiful coat and great personality - now in a foster-to-adopt-home!

Power - 1-year-old, found abandoned on the streets, blind from glaucoma, having just delivered puppies (we have no idea what happened to the puppies) We had the eyes removed to stop the excruciating pain, and worked to help her to trust humans again.

Canyon - 6-month-old puppy, hit by a car - surrendered to a shelter. The shelter immediately realized he needed care beyond what they could provide, and contacted NorSled. We rushed him to the emergency vet to get him stabilized and determine what could be done. While one leg had 2 bones broken, the orthopedic vet thought they could save it. NorSled paid for the surgery, and Canyon is recovering well in a foster home today.

Thank you to all NorSled Volunteers who help the dogs through, fostering, fund raising, dog walking, working adoption fairs, answering the phone calls, managing the website, et al.

And a special thanks to all who donate - without funds, we cannot do the work the dogs need.

You all are the ones who make NorSled possible. 
Glazer on arrival to NorSled
A cheeky Glazer after a few months at NorSled
Power after eyes were removed
Power healed & smiling
Canyon arriving at Sage for surgery
Canyon after surgery
Please consider making a year end tax deductible donation! It all goes to help dogs like the three above. Thank You!

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P.S. To all who have both directly and indirectly contributed to an amazing year, we could not have done it without you! THANK YOU! Together we made an awesome team!

Special thanks to Gail for her tireless work with the dogs throughout the year. NorSled has come a long way over the years and we have amazing volunteers, fosters, donors and people who care!

Happy New Year!
Angelique Miller

P.O. Box 30877,
Walnut Creek, CA 94598