One of the hottest trends in marketing right now is personalization. 
I t's hard to find a brand that hasn't made it their mission to make everyone happy. 
More confirmation we should keep our day jobs. In the world of consumer engagement marketing, customization is key. Enter the individual flavor and flair of brands and those who covet them. 

At MKMCreative, we take the essence of those two entities and craft all other program elements in a way that resonates  emotionally,  which is how awareness converts into adoption. 

Custom Built
Prime examples of offerings that satisfy each and every desire across the country. 

What the Doctor Ordered

For One Medical, we tapped multiple influencers across the country to co-host events that embodied and reflected their lifestyles and preferences to introduce the brand to their network. From private yoga classes to hands-on cooking demos to restaurant and boutique business launches, we tickled the fancy of the hosts and their guests and watched membership tick up in each market.    
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Bow & Drape is taking women's fashion to the next level, inspiring their customers to make a statement. With easy-to-use tools and an arsenal of user-designed merch, Bow & Drape's apparel is anything but mass produced. The MKMC motto sweatshirts are off to print.
Modern Day Mix Tape

With so much music to discover out there, Spotify has nailed it with its Discover Weekly feature. The two-pronged approach introduces the user to new music based on their favorites, as well as serves up noteworthy emerging artists with the same vibe. If your crush were to spend all night stringing together the perfect selection, this is how it would sound. 
What Say You

In a series of nationwide pop-up events, we celebrated Lyft drivers and invited them to share their experiences with the brand, which was then translated in-the-moment by a graffiti artist into the centerpiece of the event. Ultimately, it was displayed back at HQ to serve as a daily reminder of who is at the core of the Lyft community. The drivers' personal feedback was incorporated into the brand's business practices. 
Crystal Clear 

Warby Parker leaned into the personalization game with a quiz and delivery combo sure to please. Their Home Try-On option allows consumers to build a box of 5 specs based on their face shape and fashion sense, shipped complimentary to their door. Hands-on service paired with their do-good mission, this brand sees straight.
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