June 2020
Dedicated to saving the precious lives of newborns from the dangers of
abandonment and assisting pregnant girls/women in crisis.
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  • A Busy Month of May at Safe Haven for Newborns
  • Creating Families, Giving Hope
  • Making a Difference, It All Starts With One Person--YOU
A Busy Month of May at
Safe Haven for Newborns
The Safe Haven for Newborns office has remained open during the quarantine providing assistance and guidance to those expectant mothers when they call the 24/7 multi-lingual helpline. And it has been a very busy month. 

This past May, Nick received a call from a couple who had called him a few months earlier with many questions. In the original call the husband said his wife was pregnant, but they couldn’t keep the baby and didn't know what to do. Nick answered all their questions and said that if they had more questions to please call him. And they did. This time when they called, they had learned that the infant would have a disability and were concerned. Wanting to do what would be best for the baby, they had several more questions. Their main concern was that as a handicap infant, what would the baby’s chances for adoption be. Would a family adopt the infant. Nick assured them that disabled babies are adopted quickly going to caring homes. He recently learned that they had placed their baby for adoption directly with an agency of their choice.

A call came in to Safe Haven for Newborns from a 21-year-old girl who was two-months pregnant. The friends she had travelled with from New York had abandoned her in South Carolina. She had no place to stay, no one to turn to, and did not know anyone there. Nick quickly made some phone calls to local agencies in the area where she was so that they could provide her with counseling, guidance, and arrange for her to stay at a facility providing shelter to women.
In the mist of everything that we have been experiencing this year with the pandemic and its tragic consequences and now the civil disturbances, a ray of sunshine shined through in the form of two beautiful, healthy little souls — Aaron and Nikki.
A pregnant woman contacted our helpline for assistance and support prior to giving birth. Then at about eight o’clock in the evening the hospital called that she had given birth and was being discharged with no means of transportation or family support. Safe Haven made transportation arrangements for her to get back home by contracting the services of an Uber driver and paying for her ride home. After she got to her home, Safe Haven followed up with her to see how she was doing. She expressed that the hospital staff had been very professional and compassionate with her; and that she was well.
A call came in around 6:30 in the evening from a mother asking for help from Safe Haven for Newborns. She had recently given birth but could not properly take care of her newborn baby girl. During the conversation with the mom, Safe Haven learned how they could help her and her newborn. They got to work right away and contacted the agencies in her home area that could offer the services both of them needed. They reached out to her and offered her the different options and support she needed. With that information, the birth mom decided that it would be best to place her baby for adoption as she could not care for her. Today, this precious little baby is in the loving arms of her forever family. Nikki’s arrival brings the Safe Haven family to 321.
"We believed from the beginning if we saved only one life, all our efforts would be worthwhile. And that was 321 precious souls ago," said Nick Silverio, Founder.
Creating Families, Giving Hope
Giselle and Vinnie always saw themselves as parents. There was nothing more rewarding, for them, than to share their lives with a child. They were ready; but, life had other plans for them. Unable to conceive naturally, they turned to adoption to have the family they always wanted to have.

Their adoption journey took three-long-years. Then at the beginning of this year, they received the call they had been so anxiously waiting for. It was from their adoption agency calling to let them know that a birth mother wanted to place her newborn son with an adoptive family; and if they wanted to be considered. They said yes. The agency sent their information to the birth mother for her consideration. After four interminable days of waiting by the phone they received the call that would change their lives forever. They would be parents. The birth mother had chosen them.

The birth mother wanted her newborn to have a better life than the one she could provide. By selecting the Safe Haven program and placing her newborn with an adoption agency, she could give her newborn the life that she could not provide him with.

“Being his parents has been our greatest blessing. We truly believe that you (Safe Haven) are all angles on earth who were part of our journey to become parents,” said Giselle and Vinnie.
Making a Difference
It All Starts With One Person -- YOU
The Safe Haven for Newborns Community Service App gives students of high school and college age another option for completing their community service hours while spreading the word about the Safe Haven for Newborns program.

As we continue to navigate the uncharted waters of social distancing, students need alternatives to be able to complete their required community service hours for college and this Community Service App meets this need.

The App gives students the option of selection from three projects that they would need to complete and submit for approval. What sets this community service project apart is that it is all done virtually via an App. Students select which project and topic they would like to do and submit the completed work for approval.
We recently had a young lady by the name of Valetina submit a project. She created a poster which she then posted on her Instagram page. The poster’s message was an invitation for people to visit the Web site and encouraging them to get involved. Something she took to heart. 

As she learned more and more about the Foundation and how they assist girls experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, she got her family and friends involved. Another step she took was to give a personal donation, equivalent to her monthly allowance, to the Foundation and invited her mother to do the same. And as a family, in the coming months they will make a donation to buy a Brick of Hope to help fund a new home for Safe Haven for Newborns. Valentina also included a note that read “I hope these kind gestures make a difference in someone’s life.”

You can download the A Safe Haven for Newborns Community Service App from the App Store℠ or from Google Play ™️ .
“As one person I cannot change the world,
but I can change the world of one person.” (Paul Shane Spear)
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