As part of the Self-Healing Communities Project, adoptive parents, foster care providers and licensing agencies came together on December 6th at Grand View Lodge to launch a Learning & Support Community. 47 attendees enjoyed a program which featured a mini-ACEs presentation, a panel of speakers and table discussions to gain feedback in building a sustainable Learning & Support Community for foster care providers and adoptive parents in Crow Wing County. In addition, guests enjoyed chair massages, a delicious dinner and free YMCA childcare. Staff was busy with 39 kids!
Learning & Support Community Update
In your own words, what did you hope for from the event?

  • that this empowers all foster parents to become strong advocates for their babies!
  • to build connections within our community and to bless the foster community
  • to continue to learn and connect with local resources and other adoptive families
  • to feel community
  • to connect with people
  • to learn about resources available in the community
  • to learn about some ways to deal with my trauma kids
  • to gain more insight into my kids
  • to meet other foster families
  • to network and meet new foster families
  • to learn, receive training and have fun
  • to learn more about ACEs and how to be a better foster provider
  • to hear others’ personal experiences with adoption
  • to walk-through of how to make adoption actually happen
  • to learn how to make a smooth transition for a child from foster care to adoption
  • to learn more about parenting children with ACEs
  • to meet a few new parents in the trenches with us and hear Tom’s updated ACEs talk
  • to gain insight into more resources available
  • to learn more about Bridges of Hope’s services
  • to hear what others are doing to work with their foster youth
  • to gain a better understanding of the various childcare and foster programs
  • that it’s the start of something that inspires and helps make connections
  • to meet foster/adoptive parents dealing with the same struggle
  • to understand more about childhood trauma

Your feedback about building a

out of 31 want to become involved in the Learning & Support Community moving forward

have a better understanding of ACEs and the Self-Healing Communities Project

We need...
  • A respite system in place for foster & adoptive parents
  • A safe space to vent
  • Clearer needs assessments of children
  • Insurance for respite
  • Therapeutic support from "Day 1"
  • Up-front education on child's real needs, not sugar-coated
  • To know exactly what the role of the child's social worker is
Trainings we'd like...
  • ACEs & Resiliency Presentation 2-hour [SEE TRAINING ABOVE TO REGISTER!
  • Beyond Consequences training
  • Bootcamp for Foster Care Providers
  • How the placements are decided
  • How to navigate the relationship between the biological and foster care parents
  • How to handle trauma
  • Mobile crisis information
  • Need clear techniques on to successfully do interventions
  • Realistic expectations on how life will change
We want...
  • A point person for questions
  • Better proxy letters and safety plans
  • Case coordinators
  • Childcare & dinner at our gatherings
  • Full histories shared
  • Resource information which is age specific, diagnostic specific, geographically specific. 
  • Relationships with other foster parents and to know when other foster parents live near us
  • Safe spaces for families
  • Shared Google or website
  • Trauma informed judges
  • Updated list of local resources including a call list of local supervisors and social workers

What was memorable? Here are your top 3!
ACEs presentation | Q & A Panel | Table discussion

Other highlights
A night out; being able to express needs; food & childcare; general info; importance of family therapy; meeting people; the need for support; Pat Sharbonda's perspective; personal stories;
respite is important; voices were heard

                                                                                What was missing?
Foster adoption info; full ACEs presentation; helpful resources; more discussion time;
more from Pat S.; more Q & A time; more water & soda; placement therapy; protocols of each organization; real examples & tools for fostering
Learning & Support Community Meeting Foster Care Providers and Adoptive Parents
Grand View Lodge, FREE Childcare & FREE Dinner

02/26/19 5:30pm - 02/26/19 8:00pm

The learning and support program will be designed based on the feedback from YOU, the adoptive parents and foster care providers.
I'll be there!
I can't make it
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