See Your Future, Today!
February 4th is not only the day that the Lord has made, but it's the day He made me to come forth. Yes, TODAY IS MY BIRTH-DAY!!! If you have been around me long enough then you have heard me say, "Everyday you wake up is a BIRTH day!" It's another opportunity to emerge into more greatness. Therefore, I honor each day as I honor each year.

Life is beautiful, let's not to waste it.

I promised in my last email that I would share a few tips on how to create an image board. There is no rock solid way to create a board. Be creative. Don’t box yourself in. The ultimate goal is to have a visual aid, just like road signs, that will direct you to where you want to go. One year I used a collage style picture frame as my vision board, and hung it like it was art work, on my wall. You can use an old shoe I usually don't use the giant poster size boards. I like to be able to easily transport my board.


What is a vision board? The answer is simple. It's using the power of visualization to reach a desired outcome. It's a method of assuring that your hopes and dreams do not perish.

Your life is a canvas, ready for you to dream up endless possibilities. So, what are you dreaming up? Anything? If you can take hold of it with your mind then it’s yours to birth, if you so choose.

  1. Grab a pen, paper, and a quiet space. Before you grab the scissors and the glue take time to write what's on your mind, and in your heart. Deep down what do YOU want? Not what others want for you, or from you, but search for that undying desire. Remember, your life is a canvas don't hesitate to dream big, just be sure that it's a true desire.
  2. Organize your goals into categories. Draw a vertical line down the middle of your board then a horizontal line creating 4 boxes. Draw additional lines if need be. In each box write categories as you see fit i.e health, career, travel, financial, or family. If your list in one category is short then group it with another. For example, health and family may be in one box.
  3. Cut out images, and words that represent what you desire. This is probably the best part. Cutting and pasting seems to brings out the kid in us. If you desire more love, joy, peace, or patience in your life then cut those words out and paste them around your board. If you want to travel to Africa place your photo on a cut out of Africa and place it in the section for travel. Think without limits, and follow your deepest passion or desires. 
  4. Review it daily or at least 3 times a week. It is so easy to lose sight. That is the main purpose of designing a vision board so that we don't lose our way. After you have completed your board it's ok to make adjustments and changes. In life, sometimes we have to reroute.
  5. Give voice to the vision. Open your mouth and start declaring what you see.

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Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
~C.S. Lewis
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