For the Earth and All Generations 
Women's Earth & Climate Action Network Newsletter
June 23, 2016 
Dear Friends and Allies, 

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with it long sunlit days and blooming harvests. Yet, amidst this abundant growth, we know that across the world, our global family and the Earth's living systems are experiencing extreme summer heat and other drastic climactic shifts. 

2016 is already the hottest year on record, with India and other regions experiencing record shattering temperatures, and scientists reporting ever more loudly and urgently about the rapid melting of Arctic ice. Everyday, we witness countless clear indications of our changing world and responsibility to act. 

As the heat rises, so must we. 

We want to thank you, our global network of women (and men!) for climate justice, for the work you do, and for taking a stand and organizing for action to meet the urgency of the crisis we face. Together, we can bring the systemic change we seek.

Explore and share our June 2016 Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International newsletter to learn more about ongoing initiatives and how you can learn, engage and take action with us for the health and wellbeing of the Earth and all generations - including expanding tree planting and action by WECAN / SAFECO women of the Democratic Republic of Congo; standing for rights of Indigenous peoples; detailed Education and Advocacy training recaps; an urgent call for solidarity with ally Gloria Ushigua of the Sápara people and much more.
MayeventIndigenous Women of the Americas: 
Struggles and Climate Change Solutions 
May 2016 NYC Event
Gloria Ushigua (Sápara Nation, Ecuador) and Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca Nation, USA) - Photo by Joan Beard
On May 12, 2016, Indigenous women leaders from South and North America united to share their concerns, struggles and plans for change at 'Indigenous Women of the Americas Protecting Mother Earth: Struggles and Climate Change Solutions', a dynamic afternoon event presented by the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network, and our allies at Amazon Watch and the Indigenous Environmental Network.

The event was presented in parallel to the United Nations Forum on Indigenous Issues held in New York City at this time, with the expressed purpose of bringing the bold and vital voices of Indigenous women for climate justice to the public, media and political officials.

We deeply thank all who joined us, and the truly extraordinary women speakers; Casey Camp Horinek (Ponca Nation Councilwoman, WECAN Advisory Council Member, Oklahoma, USA), Alicia Hueiya Cahuilla (Vice President of the Huaorani Nationality, Ecuadorian Amazon), Kandi Mossett (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Native Energy & Climate Campaign Organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, North Dakota, USA), Crystal Lameman (Beaver Lake Cree Nation Treaty Coordinator and Communications Manager, Alberta, Canada), Gloria Ushigua (President of the Association of Sapara Women, Ecuadorian Amazon) and Aura Tegria Cristancho (Asou'Wa Legal Advisor, U'wa leader, Colombia). We are also very thankful to Leo Cerda (Amazon Watch) for his important comments and translation.

DRCupdatePlanting 20,000 Trees - 
WECAN Democratic Republic of Congo Update
Through the ongoing work of the WECAN Democratic Republic of Congo Regional Climate Solutions Program, WECAN and our amazing local partners SAFECO are working together with Indigenous Pygmy women of the DR Congo to protect and reforest the Itombwe Rainforest region. 5,000 trees are already in the ground and the women's thriving nurseries are growing many more seedlings of 25 native tree varieties. We are thrilled that 20,000+ tree saplings will be ready for planting during planting season, November 2016! The following year, we plan to triple our collective efforts.

Founder of SAFECO and WECAN's Democratic Republic of Congo Coordinator, the inspiring Neema Namadamu, recently met with WECAN Executive Director, Osprey, in the California Bay Area, to  finalize the strategy  and  program to begin these exciting and vital next stages of reforestation work.
trainingblogs2016Spring 2016 WECAN Education and Advocacy Trainings Report Backs
Spring 2016 U.S Women's Climate Justice Initiative 
Online Training Series Speakers
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the recent series of online Education and Advocacy Trainings, presented by the WECAN U.S. Women's Climate Justice Initiative.

Explore and share detailed Spring 2016 training blogs below:
We will be running our U.S. training series again in the near future - learn more about programs and check back for updates here !

If you participated in any of the recent trainings, please kindly add your voice and feedback to a 1 minute post training survey.
breakfreeThis Is How We #BreakFree: Celebrating Outstanding Global Actions
It is time to break free from fossil fuels, from false solutions to the climate crisis, from structures of domination of women and the Earth, from economic injustice and from violence against the Earth and those who defend her.

This May 2016, thousands of activists and concerned citizens on six continents led 20 'escalated actions' and collective acts of non-violent civil disobedience at points of extraction and transport, in order to #BreakFree from fossil fuels and their destructive legacy. 

WECAN International joined allies on the ground in Albany, New York to demonstrate and block the passage of crude oil 'bomb trains', and is proud to  stand in solidarity with all the women of  the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice, who held actions during #BreakFree!

gloriaurgentcallUrgent Call For Solidarity with Indigenous and Earth Protector Gloria Ushigua
Our dear sister and ally, Gloria Ushigua,  Indigenous woman leader of the Sápara People, is facing dangerous threats and intimidation in her home in the Ecuadorian Amazon, as a result of her determined work to stop the expansion of oil drilling and the displacement of her community.

Frontline Defenders has released a vital statement and background denouncing the abuse of Gloria at the hands of oil companies and state officials, and calling for immediate action to ensure a safe climate in which Gloria, and countless other Indigenous rights, human rights and land rights defenders can continue their work without fear of violent reprisals by state and corporate entities. We urge you to  READ and publicly SHARE this urgent appeal today .

WE ARE WATCHING, and we will not let those who abuse and threaten community and Earth defenders remain in the shadow of impunity. We will not stand for the continued loss of Earth, Indigenous and land rights protectors - we must all  be vigilant and protect the defenders of the land. 
In This Newsletter
Top: Crystal Lameman (Beaver Lake Cree Nation Treaty Coordinator and Communications Manager, Alberta, Canada) - Middle: Speakers and allies stand in solidarity with the U'wa people in their efforts to protect sacred Zizuma mountain, Colombia - Bottom: Aura Tegria Cristancho (Asou'Wa Legal Advisor, U'wa leader, Colombia) - All photos by Joan Beard
Neema Namadamu (SAFECO and WECAN DR Congo) and Osprey Orielle Lake (WECAN International) strategize together in the Bay Area, May 2016
bertaactionsGlobal #JusticeforBerta 
A ction Update
Leaders from GGJA, World March for Women, WECAN and many others stand for #JusticeforBerta in NYC
The campaign for #JusticeforBerta continues. 

On Latin America Mothers Day, May 10th, 2016,  Justice for Berta actions were held at the Honduran Consulate and Mission in New York City, organized by our allies at  the   Grassroots Global Justice Alliance , World March of Women-US Chapter and the

On June 15CO P INH (the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) called for a  global day of action   for #JusticeforBerta and Indige n o us rights and land defenders across the world.

Just days after the global day of action, news surfaced exposing the complicity of the Honduran military in Berta's death. A former solider reports seeing Berta's name, and that of many other social and environmental defenders, on a special unit hit-list.  The U.S. military must also be held accountable for their part in this tragedy and many others in Honduras, due to  ongoing funding and training of Honduran military units.

We a re taking a stand  in defense of defenders of the la nd, against persecution of social and environmental activists, and for an immediate independent investigation into Berta's assassination. The blatant targeting of Earth defenders must come to an end.

Top: Osprey Orielle Lake of WECAN speaks at the #BreakFree action in Albany, NY - Bottom: Diverse allies take action to block 'bomb trains' in Albany
RONintupdateInternational Rights of Nature Advocacy Update
This Spring WECAN was thrilled to attend an inspiring and productive roundtable presentation and discussion with Indigenous Law professor Catherine Iorns of New Zealand, hosted by Rights of Nature colleagues at  Movement Rights and Earth Law Center.

New Zealand Maori tribes in Aotearoa made environmental history by recognizing legal personhood for the spiritual aspects of the Whanganui River - forever changing the way it is governed and treated by communities, politicians and corporations. 

We must fundamentally change our legal and cultural relationship to Nature, which is why Rights of Nature is a core principle of our work - learn more about WECAN's involvement with the Rights of Nature movement here.
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Thank you for your continued support of our work for climate justice and care for the Earth and all generations, 
 Osprey Orielle Lake and the WECAN International Team  
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