As the pole turns...

There is nothing better than the dance!!


Every pole dancer has one. Sometimes three or four. I'm talking about a pole idol. When I first started pole dancing I was all about the crazy tricks and my pole idols at that time reflected that. Jenyne Butterfly, Leighann Reilly, Alethea Austin, all these powerful and sexy tricksters fueled my passion to be a bad ass inverter with out of this world skills. I watched these ladies on YouTube and also had the opportunity to take a few workshops with a couple of them. They are all so gracious and down to earth in person and meeting them will always be a highlight of my pole dance journey.


I find as you grow as a dancer and figure out your strengths and weaknesses your pole idols change. While I still love watching the hold your breath, gravity defying moves, that's not my focus anymore. For me, there is nothing better than just dancing. Pure, almost completely out of your body, rolling around on the floor DANCE. That's what my body enjoys more than anything. And my pole idol is the QUEEN of this! The thing I love so much about her is that she is more than capable of busting out some outrageous tricks but it's the dance that's her specialty and main focus.


I am talking about the brilliant Tracee Kafer! If you have been pole dancing for any time at all you have most likely seen one of her videos on YouTube or Facebook. Anytime she posts a video I swear it's like Christmas to me. I cannot wait to press play and see what crazy beautiful movements she has come up with. Sometimes she is on the pole, maybe a chair or even on the floor, no matter what surface she is working on she produces pure magic in her dances.


Tracee is an instructor at Body and Pole in New York which has become the motherland for pole dancers around the world. There is soooo much talent at the studio with some of the biggest names in pole dancing teaching classes there. Tracee has recently taken her talent on the road and I got to take her famous "Finding your Freestyle" workshop at Poletential in Redwood City. I'm not gonna lie, when I walked in to the room and saw Tracee standing there I was like a star struck little girl seeing her favorite boy band for the first time. Tracee is incredibly warm and personable and made everyone feel right at home. The workshop was amazing and I left on a high from all the delicious freestyle techniques I had just learned.


No matter if you're just starting to pole dance or you have been around the pole a few times, there are so many talented dancers to look up to and fuel your passion for pole dance. Take a look at this video and see why Tracee is my pole idol. 



With a head toss and a big ole hug,


Tina Soares


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