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As the temperature falls, the hazards rise
Canada’s economy is diverse, but the resource industries are still at the heart of who we are and what we do. When you’re working with the elements, weather can pose a challenge and heighten the hazards of the task. For Jonathan Audit, the hazards of removing bolts from a well-head in a separator shack were worsened by minus-40 temperatures at the site. Alone and unsupervised, Jonathan suffocated due to lack of oxygen caused by hydrocarbon gases. More than 13 years later, Jonathan’s mother continues to grieve, although she finds healing using her experience to help others. As part of your regular risk assessments, review Jonathan’s story and think about ways in which winter conditions could affect the hazards in your workplace.
“It takes a long time to grow an old friend”
Writer John Leonard said it takes a long time to grow an old friend. For Threads of Life, the CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering) is one of our oldest friendships, grown over the lifespan of the organization. As safety professionals, CSSE members have supported Threads of Life since its inception in 2003. In 2010, the two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding, pledging to support one another’s work. CSSE continues to support Steps for Life, promote Threads of Life as a partner in NAOSH week, and spread the word about our programs and services. Thank you, CSSE! Old friends truly are the best friends.
1000 reasons to sponsor
Your sponsorship for Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy does amazing things. It brings family members to family forums to learn how to cope with grief and pain. It trains volunteers to be speakers and family guides. It sends a lifeline in the form of a print newsletter into mailboxes four times each year. Those are all terrific reasons to sponsor your local Steps for Life event. And all of our community and national sponsors have their own reasons for putting their name and brand behind the annual fundraising event. CannAmm, a national sponsor for more than six years, says:

“Aligning with Threads of Life and sponsoring the Steps for Life walk is a rewarding experience for everybody at CannAmm. Everyone at CannAmm works hard to help our clients reduce the risk of workplace incidents, but unfortunately there are still injuries, occupational diseases, and deaths occurring in Canada each day. Seeing our logo on those bright yellow t-shirts provides a sense of pride and reminds us that we are helping support families along their journey of healing. CannAmm is proud to continue our relationship with Threads of Life and sponsor the Steps for Life walks. Being a national sponsor helps us maintain our focus on the importance of workplace safety every day.”
               -Peter Deines, CannAmm Occupational Testing Services 
You can help grieving families find strength and courage
For families in the aftermath of a workplace tragedy, the holiday season can be especially difficult. Beloved traditions suddenly become painful reminders of all they have lost. During every holiday season, Threads of Life Volunteer Family Guides help families navigate through their grief. Since 2005, we have trained 65 Volunteer Family Guides who have offered peer support to families across Canada.
Each year, more than 200 new family members contact Threads of Life needing support on their journey of healing.  To meet increasing demand, our goal is to train 12 more Volunteer Family Guides in January 2019.   And we need your help ! Your donation today helps us train new Volunteer Family Guides!
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