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Monroe County's Lead Economic Development Organization geared up with a growth strategy for the 21st Century ...
Review of Year 1 - Monroe County Link
So, is the Monroe County Link Plan continuing into its second year? The Monroe County BDC met with the Pillar Team Captains in December to get their perspective on how they feel about this question after finishing up Year 1.

The Pillar Team Captains (listed below) all agree that the Monroe County Link plan is making a difference to our County and that there is no question in their minds that we should move forward with Year 2! It was agreed that the Monroe County Link plan sends the message that everyone is together in this community and that everyone is working toward a common goal.
We thank all of the Pillar Team Captains and their team members for a job well done. The dedication of this team is something that every community strives for, a team that works for the betterment of their community and to improve the quality of life.

For details about the plan and its first year, please follow this link: Monroe County Link 2018 Year-End Report
Monroe County's Young Professionals Look to Make an Impact
There is a new group in the Monroe County Business World that is looking to make its mark. The Monroe County Young Professionals, or MCYP for short, was launched in April of 2017 and has been growing in numbers in Monroe County and beyond. The group was formed because organizers of local networking and social business events noticed that the same people were attending events with a lack of new, younger faces in the crowd. Kristen Pilon (American Cancer Society), Nick Wilkens (MNX Solutions) and Tyler Gedelian decided that it was time for Monroe County to have its own group for young professionals to meet and network and so MCYP was born. Starting with 3 members, the group has since grown to 75 members that host various events and meetings every month.
You may be asking yourself, "What constitutes as a 'Young Professional'"? There is no age limit or requirement to join the group and all are welcome to attend the group's monthly events. In the next several months, the group plans to host a gathering at Monroe Escape Rooms, a "Pitch and Pour" event aimed at local entrepreneurs, a bowling social at Forest View Lanes and much more. The group hopes to engage young professionals in an effort to foster a healthy business and living climate in Monroe County for the next generation. Meetings are traditionally held on the second Wednesday of every month at 5:30 pm.
If you or any of your staff have an interest in learning more about the group or wonder how you can get involved, feel free to email our very own Matt Vanisacker or call (734-241-8081 x103), like MCYP on Facebook or request to join the group on LinkedIn
Industry 4.0 Capabilities at Industrial Inspection Company
We would like to introduce Industrial Inspection Company's newest technology, the Faro Quantum M Arm with Blue-Light Laser Scanner. Quality inspections are being performed using their new laser scanning capabilities that captures ultra-high accuracy, reporting templates, color-map and dimensional outputs.

Industrial Inspection is creating unique value and supports operational excellence for all of its customers by:

  • Enabling faster, more accurate, compelling and useable 3D documentation
  • Accelerating execution timelines
  • Shrinking margin impacting scrap and rework costs
  • Reducing development risk
  • CAD based inspections will quickly identify deviations from nominal CAD data with 3D metrology solutions
  • Dimensional Analysis will quickly capture measurements, perform inspections and ensure proper tolerances are achieved

Inspection services can be performed at their North American Headquarters in Monroe or at your facility.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact Garrett Tank at Industrial Inspection Company via email or by calling 734-242-9935.
Just a few more things ...
> Problems with Employee Retention? - If your business is encountering problems with employee turnover and the cost associated with this issue, MI Works! Monroe Service Center and the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) are here to help. We have openings in a new program designed to increase retention and productivity in the workplace called the Business Resource Network. Contact Matt Vanisacker at the BDC to learn more (734-241-8081 x103).
>> Gordie Howe International Bridge - a new website has just been launched since construction of the bridge is now in progress . This website will be updated on a regular basis with news, construction activity updates, etc.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge project is a once-in-a-generation undertaking. Not only will the project deliver much-needed transportation improvements, it will also provide jobs and opportunities for growth to Windsor, Detroit and all surrounding regions. Visit the website at
>>> Strategies for Hiring Graduates in the Ann Arbor Area - Join Ann Arbor SPARK for an interactive lunch program focused on attracting and retaining talent from local colleges and universities. To learn more, click here or contact Jennifer Olmstead at 734-527-9142.
>>>> Financial Support for Manufacturers and Businesses - To assist in the development of small businesses in Monroe County, the Matching Fund Program was created to provide gap and seed funding assistance for companies. Tim Lake, stated, "by nurturing new companies and those in growth mode, this program will assist with both capital formation and job creation within Monroe County." The application process is open! Please visit to find out more about this funding opportunity. And, spread the word ... these funds are available to help Monroe County manufacturers and businesses.
To Our Investors
We hope you will be able to join us on Thursday, March 28, 7:30 am , for our Annual Investors' Meeting . Plans are now underway and will be shared with you soon. Please save the date on your calendar!
Wishing you health & prosperity in this New Year!

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