Saturday, March 21, 2020

If you received and read yesterday's communication, this section has the same information; but we want to make sure everyone is in the loop!

TOMORROW we will be holding another online-only worship service, streamed live at 10 AM at We encourage you to share this link with anyone who either doesn't have a church or who is part of a church without the ability to live stream. We had a great time of worship last week and enjoyed the interaction we could share together in the chat - what a great way of connecting with other worshippers!

This week's worship will feature music from the 9:30 Praise Team and the fourth message of the "When Pigs Fly" sermon series from Pastor Eric. Catch up on past messages at

We know that some of you experienced difficulties with our live stream last Sunday. As you can imagine, the number of churches around the world who were streaming services online - and the people who were watching those streams rather than gathering physically - was multitudes more than normal; and because of that, our streaming provider - even with the extra efforts they made - still had trouble handling the increase in traffic as churches streamed from around the globe. There have been a number of steps taken over the past few days to attempt to provide worship free of technical interruptions:

* Our host is bringing additional resources online to provide the ability for more people to connect and receive church on Sunday.
* In response to a request from our streaming host to all of the churches that they serve, we've modified what we send them to help free up resources to allow more people to worship online. These changes should not negatively affect your ability to worship.
* We've re-introduced an audio-only option, which you can find at the bottom of the information on the "Notes" tab if you prefer to only listen to the service rather than watch.

Again, we ask for your patience in these unprecedented times. As we did last week, we will again be sharing a recording of the service in its entirety at some point tomorrow afternoon. When the service is available, we'll make the link available via email, social media, and at

Just outside of Jerusalem, Jesus performed a miracle that changed a man's life forever. For 38 years, this man was unable to walk. But when Jesus said, "Get up," the man was healed. However, it's what Jesus said next that made this miracle a clear sign of who Jesus really was.

Saturday's Reflection
From Pastor Eric's daily study guide

Has there ever been a time that your version of Christianity got in the way of loving people that God loves?

Parents: we know what a stressful time this is, so today we have something just for you as you navigate this new landscape with your children. Via Psychology Today, Asbury member Signe Whitson, L.S.W., C-SSWS, shares " 6 strategies to help kids manage fear and increase their sense of control".

Print materals:

Video Lessons:

Recap of Resources Shared This Week:
The Women Who Knew, produced by EPAUMC North District
Our God, Our Help in Ages Past video reflection from Bishop Peggy Johnson
Lenten Reflection from Bishop Peggy Johnson

Father God,
As our world grinds to a halt
And the once-familiar landscape now looks much different
Let us rest in the knowledge that You are never-changing
From the creation of the universe, You were
Today, You are
Tomorrow and beyond, You always shall be
Let us rest in the assurance that even in the midst of a shifting situation,
You remain.

A note on prayers: to respect confidentiality, we will not be sharing specific prayer requests via email; however our prayer team is still actively praying for every request that they receive. If you have a prayer request, send it to the prayer team at

We want to encourage you during this time to continue to stay connected with others, particularly those who might need help - not just Asbury congregants, but neighbors and homebound friends. A phone call, email, or text is always a safe way to connect! Always be aware of your own safety and the safety of those you're helping!

We know that these stressful times have and will cause hardships for some in our community. The following groups, recommended by Asbury in Mission (AIM), have resources available for assistance if you or someone you know has a need:

Kingdom Life Family Center Food Bank
4333 Lime Kiln Rd, Orefield, PA 18069
1401 Linden Street ยท Allentown, PA 18102

AIM also reminds us that while volunteer opportunities are few due to the current crisis, our mission partners can still be supported financially. Learn more about all of our AIM mission partners at

Our Keep in Touch team is still striving to connect with those in our congregation who are sick or hospitalized, even in the absence of physical visits.  Members known to be hospitalized and/or sick and members who are visited monthly will be "visited" by phone. Say a special prayer of thanks for these individuals who help care for those among us who are ill!
We've had a 6% increase in those in our congregation who are giving online. We appreciate your continued support of Asbury through these unprecedented times!

Precautions related to the coronavirus will have an impact on our activities and gatherings. We recognize that they may also have a negative impact on our giving. Please continue to give and support our ministries as you are able. You can visit to give a one-time or recurring gift on PushPay, our online giving portal; or you can mail a check to the church.

Rev. Steve Morton, our District Superintendent, reminds us that "[we as] Christians GIVE not because of the church's need to receive... but because of OUR need to say "Thank You" to an amazingly-generous God - and in the midst of national crisis, that good news has not changed!"

Although our activities may be curtailed for a time, our fixed expenses for our ministries and building operations continue. Also, we value our staff, who will continue to be here to support you; and they will continue to be compensated in full. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Catch up on past announcements, devotionals, and resources at .

All updates regarding Asbury's response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will also be shared at that page; as well as via email blast and on our social media feeds ( Facebook and Twitter).

Asbury's building is officially closed and has been deep cleaned. We are asking that no one enter the building until it reopens (at this point the target date is Sunday, March 29).

Please know that during the time that the office is closed, all calls to Asbury are being received by our answering service, as there is no one available in the office to take your call. Any messages you leave with the answering service are forwarded to us and we will relay your message to the appropriate staff member to respond to you as soon as possible.

Cancelled/Postponed Events
Include, but not limited to:
UMW Communion Breakfast
Children's Ministries' Communion Workshop
Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
Men's Group Tour to Mack Museum
Reschedule dates (if applicable) will be communicated when available.
No physical meetings are being held at Asbury or off-site; but please check with your group/Circle leader to see if there are plans for your group to connect online.

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