Wednesday, March 25, 2020
On having faith in the midst of fear

Perhaps one of the most famous signs Jesus performed was feeding 5,000+ people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Those that followed Jesus thought he was finally getting to the point of what he could do for them. They were more enamored with the signs than with what the signs were pointing to.

Wednesday's Devotional
Based on Pastor Eric's daily study guide
Read John 6:25-27

It's ok to admit that we're human. We're not perfect. We tend to focus on ourselves and what's most beneficial to us in the short-term.

Sometimes our prayers center around what we want to see in the world, or what we believe would be best for us in any particular situation.

As a result, sometimes we ask for one thing and get an answer that we weren't looking for.

The question Jesus is posed with by the crowd in today's passage is never actually answered. Jesus isn't skirting around the answer, but he realizes the answer to the question being asked both has no bearing on the situation and isn't even the question that the crowd really wants to ask him.

The crowd is curious about how Jesus had evaded them. They knew there had only been one boat on the shoreline, but that Jesus' disciples had taken that boat; and he hadn't been with them. How did he get to the other side of the lake?

Jesus recognizes that they're interested in the mystery, sure, but also that they're leading up to asking for him to do more for them.

That hits home, doesn't it? We, too, are interested in the mystery of Jesus  but are also not hesitant to focus our prayers around our needs and desires; and sometimes we're minimal in asking for God's will and desire. (Ever notice how when Jesus teaches us how to pray, it starts with acknowledging who God is and asking for God's will before we make note of our needs?)

Let's care for our needs, but let's pray bold prayers. Let's pray boldly; because we have a testament to what Jesus has done: healed the sick, brought sight to the blind, fed the multitudes, and, yes, even raised the dead.

For Reflection:
How do you think the disciples and the crowd may have felt being called out by Jesus?  Does this surprise you that Jesus would say something like that?  What does Jesus' statement mean for you in your walk with Him? 

Previously shared study resources:
The Women Who Knew, produced by EPAUMC North District

We intentionally aren't giving a particular prayer today, because we want to encourage you to pray a  BOLD prayer in your own words!

A note on prayers: to respect confidentiality, we will not be sharing specific prayer requests via email; however our prayer team is still actively praying for every request that they receive. If you have a prayer request, send it to the prayer team at

Lehigh Valley Health Network is seeking volunteers to sew face masks for their team to wear, wash, and reuse. Visit their website for instructions. We will have volunteers pick up the face masks from your doorstep and deliver them to LVHN. Need fabric or supplies? Don't let that hold you back if you're not able to pick them up yourself - if you place an order, our volunteers can pick them up and deliver them to you. Willing to help? Let us know by  emailing Pastor Barbara .

The blood drive scheduled with Miller-Keystone for April has been cancelled, but please consider giving at one of their physical locations (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Reading)  in this critical time of need.

For SPARK (3-4yr olds)
Download this week's Parent Cue

For BLAST (PreK- 5th grades)
Read Ephesians 2:4-5

Grab a piece of foil from the kitchen. Crumple it into a ball and then spread it back out on the counter. Can you make it look as shiny and smooth as it did before? Nope! This is kind of how our lives look when we mess up. Remember, everyone messes up. It's not just you. We all look like that crumpled up piece of foil.

God knows that no matter how hard we might try, we can never fix all those mess-ups on our  own. But God LOVES us deeply . He is full of mercy. God sent Jesus so that our sins, our mess-ups, could be forgiven. His grace, which we cannot earn and do not deserve, has   saved us. That's how BIG God's love is for you and for me.

Grab a ball point pen and draw a large heart in the center of your piece of foil. Use to pen to create a cool design inside the heart, creating ridges in the foil. Color in your design with permanent markers. Hang your heart in a place where you'll see it each day.

Tell God thank you for loving you so much that He sent His only Son so that everyone can be forgiven.

Missed this week's video lessons shared on Sunday for the week of 3/22?
 From Brendon Homan, Youth with a Mission (YWAM), South Africa

Things are going forward in [South Africa], but we did find out last night that the whole country will be going into a 21-day lockdown from midnight Thursday as our president has declared a state of emergency.

Please pray for us that our country doesn't go into a state of panic and also that the virus doesn't reach the townships as there are many people with HIV and TB and this would have dire consequences of it did.

Further we started an online prayer movement to push back and we're hoping that many people will join in this as we believe this is the exact time Christians shouldn't be going into hiding. Here's the link if you'd want to give it a look. 

Thank you for checking in on is and I also would like to know how we can pray for you in the States?

God bless you all, Brendon
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