Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Following Jesus' crucifixion, his followers expected what anyone expects after someone dies: that the person would remain that way. But one of Jesus' followers, John, gave an eyewitness account that summarized the main event surrounding Christianity: Jesus rose from the dead. In this seventh and final sign that John documents, he makes the case that Jesus is exactly who he claimed to be.

Tuesday's Devotional
Based on Pastor Eric's daily study guide
Our "always-on" modern culture has played the dual roles of connecting us while also creating more opportunities for deception to take place. Images are easily manipulated, words are twisted, and the ability to disseminate falsehoods is easier than ever.
On the other hand, we also have more tools at our disposal to examine claims and determine whether those claims are true, false, or somewhere in between.
Picture how different the scene at the empty tomb would have been if it happened with today's technology: Mary Magdalene FaceTimes with the disciples to show them the empty tomb. Peter and John run out, not to see it for themselves, but to take pictures and put them on Instagram. Thomas checks WebMD to see if you can live with a hole in your hand.
But - irreverence aside - the disciples didn't have these tools available to them; and they had good reason to have questions about Jesus' resurrection: after all, some of them had seen his crucifixion and death with their own eyes.
So, instead, they needed proof. They needed to see everything with their own eyes to verify the story. Peter and John couldn't take Mary Magdalene at her word, they needed to see the empty tomb for themselves. Thomas didn't believe the disciples that Jesus had to appear to him, he needed to see Jesus himself; and parts of Jesus that proved the crucifixion, at that.
Peter, John, and Thomas found the initial claims that they doubted to be true. And, suddenly, we find that a story that we, too, might have questioned, is supported almost exponentially by more eyewitnesses.
What proof do you need to know that something is true? What are the things that we can learn from the stories of Mary Magdalene, Peter, John, and Thomas as we, too, seek the truth?
For Reflection:
* What are some details about this story that would lead a reader to believe this actually happened?
* What stands out to you about these passages?
* Who can you relate to most from these passages: Peter, John, or Thomas? What makes you say that?

For SPARK (3-4yr olds)

For BLAST (PreK- 5th grades)

Do you know what the word "pride" means? Pride says, "Look at me, I'm awesome. Everything I do is awesome. And you will be awesome too if you hang out around me."

That's the opposite of how Jesus acted while on earth. Instead of showing off who He was (the SON of God!) or what He could do (like healing the sick or giving sight to the blind), Jesus was humble. He was the most important person in every room He ever entered and yet He never asked for special treatment.

Following Jesus means that we do our best to act and live the way He did. Instead of constantly trying to get what we think we deserve, Jesus followers should be flipping that idea to give others what they deserve. Jesus put us first. And when we follow Him, we can do the same for others.

Grab some friends and play a game of follow the leader. Make sure you are never the leader, always the follower.

Thank God for sending His only Son, Jesus, to show us how to live. Ask Him to help you put others first, just as Jesus did.

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Lord Jesus,
Teach us how to examine things thoroughly, yet know that your word is true.
Help us to remember that you have defeated death so that we can have life.

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Thank you to all who took part in this life-changing experience!

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