Thursday, April 23, 2020

This week, Pastor Eric begins a new sermon series exploring the most common worries and fears experienced by Americans today. Together, we'll consider practical steps for overcoming these fears and reflect upon fear in the light of scripture and a faith that promises again and again that we don't need to live in fear. Let's live with courage and hope.

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Worship will be streaming live at 10 AM at and will feature a variety of musical styles.

Beginning next Tuesday, April 28, join Pastor Barbara for a study based on "Unafraid" by Adam Hamilton. The group will explore the themes of the book as explored by Pastor Eric in the "Unafraid" sermon series. To join the group, visit to sign up to receive information on how to join the online meeting. Space is limited!
Thursday's Devotional
From Pastor Barbara
Read  John 21:1-14

In this passage, the disciples have another encounter with the Risen Christ when they return to their former way of life as fishermen. They discover that with Jesus directing them, a disappointing fishing trip becomes a successful and joyous occasion. Even before they recognize Jesus, he is at work bringing transformation and abundance into their tired and broken lives.

Imagine for a moment that you are a disciple alongside Simon Peter in this story. After you have worked all night and caught nothing, how are you feeling in your body and mind? How do you respond to the strange man on the beach when he tells you to cast the nets on the right side of the boat? With frustration? Fatigue? Curiosity?

Simon Peter realizes that the man telling you what to do is Jesus. How do you respond in your heart when Peter says, "It is the Lord?!" What do you do next?

The disciples catch a huge number of fish when they listen to Jesus telling them to change their way of working. As you meditate on the story, how do you think Jesus is challenging you to change something in your life? As you have a time of prayer, imagine Jesus guiding and nourishing you - longing for you to flourish as his Spirit fills you with renewed energy and vision, even in these challenging days.

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Jesus chose to put us first, to do what God asked even though it meant going all the way to the cross. Jesus chose obedience and humility. And because He died and rose again, we can be forgiven and become a part of God's family. If you believe in what Jesus did, if you've made a choice to trust Him as your Savior, then your main job is to treat everyone around you like Jesus did.

Because Jesus listened when people were hurting, you should listen well.

Because Jesus showed compassion to the people around Him, you should show compassion.

Because Jesus taught others about God, you should tell others about Him.

Because Jesus consistently gave up what He wanted to put others first, you should put others first too.

Think of someone that's hard to get along with or someone that easily frustrates you. In the space below, write one way you could put that person first sometime this week. Be specific.

Ask God to help you follow through on what you've written so you can put others first just as Jesus put your first.

Lord Jesus,
Grant us a spirit of courage, remembering that you were courageous enough to give your life on the cross to allow us to have life eternal.
Allay our fears. Grant us wisdom in troubled times. Give us compassion as we care for those around us, remembering that we are all part of your creation.

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