Saturday, August 15, 2020

Simon Peter was an ordinary fisherman who transformed into a follower of Jesus. He was faithful, yet flawed. Peter was the first to profess Jesus as the Son of God, yet he later denied knowing him. Peter went on to give his life for the sake of his call. In this series, we take an in-depth dive into the life, faith and character of Simon Peter.

Tomorrow, Pastor Eric continues "Peter: A Flawed, Yet Faithful Follower of Jesus." Jesus asks the disciples a question that begs an answer from all of us - "who do you say that I am?" In this moment, Peter declares that Jesus is "the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Jesus declares that Peter is correct and that he will build his 'church' upon the rock (Peter) and nothing will destroy it. Jesus was giving Peter and through him, the church, the authority to do his work in the world. Jesus makes it clear that if we want to be his disciple it will require self-denial, sacrifice (take up your cross), and following him. We all want a convenient faith, but following Jesus requires an inconvenient faith.

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Resources for Worship

Weekly Framework
The disciples were caught in a storm on the Sea of Galilee and they were terrified. Jesus walks on water in the midst of the storm and tells the disciples "Be encouraged, It's me, don't be afraid." This story is about something that happened on the Sea of Galilee a long time ago, but it's recorded in the Gospel because it's something that happens in our lives all the time if we just realize it. What can we learn about Jesus and what it means to be a disciple from this passage?
Moving Forward
From Pastor Eric's Daily Study Guide
Three things we learn from our story of Jesus and Peter on the Sea of Galilee:

1) When we look at Jesus we see God.
2) The Christian faith calls us to step outside of our boats (comfort zone).
3) In the midst of the storm Christ walks with you.

This week, reflect on which one of these lessons you need to focus on. Then take that next step that Jesus has called you to take.

90 Day Bible Reading Challenge Recap (Week of Aug. 9)
"Key Themes" Bible Reading Plan
The 'key theme' for this week's scripture passage is "God's Name." Read the applicable scripture passage for each day below using the 'SOAP' method of reading scripture.
Scripture - First read the scripture passage.
Observation - Think about what you just read and find one thing you think God wanted you to   hear that's relevant to your life and write it down.
Application - Think about what you need to do differently as a result of what you just read and write it down.
Pray-   Pray about what you just read.
This Week's Readings
Tuesday Psalm 113
Isaiah 48
Ezekiel 20
Philippians 2

Give me the courage to step out of my "boat" and fearlessly follow You.

If you have a prayer request, send it to the prayer team at
For Reflection
Do you think of yourself as creative? In what ways? Share with another family member. We often think of creativity as art or music or performing on stage. But the truth is, God made each one of us to reflect a little bit of who He is-including His creativity! So maybe you can draw or sing or dance. Or maybe your creative gift is making people laugh, solving difficult problems, cooking really tasty food, or helping your friends get along with each other. Tell each other what you think is the other person's most creative gift. Then pray for each other, that God will show you ways to use your creativity every day.
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For SPARK (3-4yr olds): Parent Cue 
For BLAST (PreK - 5th grades): 
God Time devotionals
Virtual Escape Room Zoom
Wednesday, August 19th, 8-9 PM, for all youth age students
We'll divide into teams and see which one can solve puzzles, discover passcodes and move from one room to the next until they're finally free. Will your team be the first to finish?
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HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: join us Friday nights at 8 PM to catch up via Zoom! If it's your first time joining us, registration is required!
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Want to learn more about Asbury? There will be a virtual Adult Inquirers session on Tuesday evening, September 1. Those interested in joining the church will have an opportunity to do so afterward, but we also welcome those who wish to take the class for informational purposes only. Contact Laurie Wallace Theisen, Director of Lay Ministries( to RSVP.

Learn about some great ways to serve while staying socially distant:

* Annual Ramos Work Day - September 26, 9AM - noon
Drop-Off Dates:
Friday August 21, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Saturday August 22, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
* PLARN Mats (Plastic Sleeping Mats for the Homeless) - create at home
* Allentown Area Ecumenical Food Bank - Weekly Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays (occasional Tuesday), 12 PM - 2:30 PM

Asbury's building is now closed indefinitely. When the time comes to re-open, rest assured we will send that communication as far in advance as possible (and very ready to celebrate gathering again!).

For the safety of all, and to keep Asbury's building virus-free, access to the building is now limited to office and custodial staff only. All other key cards have been deactivated. Should you need to gain access to the building, please contact Israel Olivieri, Business Manager, at

For those wishing to support COVID-19 relief, we encourage you to consider giving to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Advance. 100% of donations to the Advance go to COVID-19 relief, as UMCOR's administrative costs are paid through connectional giving.

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Asbury is now a drop-off site for home-sewn masks for Lehigh Valley Health Network. The collection bin is located at the doors by the upper entrance to the building. If you're able to sew masks, but not able to deliver them, email Pastor Barbara to get connected with a helper. We do not have supplies available to offer; but could help coordinate a pickup for an order you place at a local fabric or craft store that's offering curbside pickup.


St. Luke's is also collecting personal protective equipment (PPE). Learn more about the items they're accepting and their drop-off locations (their Care Now urgent care locations in Allentown, Whitehall, Bethlehem, and more) on their website.

If you are experiencing loneliness, or spiritual and emotional distress during these challenging days, or if there's someone you're concerned about, please reach out to Pastor Barbara at

Due to changes in staffing at our hospitals, the church often can no longer reach hospital staff to find out if our Asbury members are hospitalized.
Please call the church office to let us know if you or a loved one is in the hospital, so we can provide pastoral care. Thank you!

We know that these stressful times have and will cause hardships for some in our community. The following groups, recommended by Asbury in Mission (AIM), have resources available for assistance if you or someone you know has a need:

Kingdom Life Family Center Food Bank
4333 Lime Kiln Rd, Orefield, PA 18069
1401 Linden Street, Allentown, PA 18102

AIM also reminds us that while volunteer opportunities are few due to the current crisis, our mission partners can still be supported financially. Learn more about all of our AIM mission partners at

If you are in a position to donate to the food banks, please be aware of the following information about donations:
Kingdom Life Family Center in Orefield wants people to make an appointment to drop off food on a Tuesday morning. Call 610-398-0111
Salem United Methodist Church in Allentown, Food bank can take donations in the morning by appointment only. Call Rev. Navin Satyarvata 610-432-2577.
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