Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The earlier email erroneously had last week's devotional and Bible reading challenge. The correct version is below. Apologies for the error!

Weekly Framework
Jesus asks the disciples a question that begs an answer from all of us - "who do you say that I am?" In this moment, Peter declares that Jesus is "the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Jesus declares that Peter is correct and that he will build his 'church' upon the rock (Peter) and nothing will destroy it. Jesus was giving Peter and through him, the church, the authority to do his work in the world. So, "who do you say that he is?" And what does it mean for your life?
Tuesday's Reflection
From Pastor Eric's Daily Study Guide
Today, it's easy for us to look down on those religious leaders. They heard God in the flesh tell that vivid story, knew he was talking about them, but still refused to submit to his calling. But ask yourself: to what extent are you willing to trust and submit your life to Jesus? What people and experiences have shaped, either positively or negatively, your willingness to respond to Jesus?

90 Day Bible Reading Challenge
"Key Themes" Bible Reading Plan
The 'key theme' for this week's scripture passage is "Prayer." Read the applicable scripture passage for each day below using the 'SOAP' method of reading scripture.
Scripture - First read the scripture passage.
Observation - Think about what you just read and find one thing you think God wanted you to   hear that's relevant to your life and write it down.
Application - Think about what you need to do differently as a result of what you just read and write it down.
Pray-   Pray about what you just read.
This Week's Readings
Monday: Psalm 102
Tuesday: Matthew 6
Daniel 9
Luke 18
Revelation 8

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