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Asbury Family, 

Over the last several weeks, the Discernment Team has been holding listening sessions with the congregation to provide an opportunity to share their feelings and understanding around splintering in the United Methodist Church over the issue of human sexuality. After five sessions, we’ve had nearly 200 people participate. We want to ensure that every member has the opportunity to be heard during this initial work by the Discernment Team. 

If you have haven’t already, we encourage you to come to a listening session and participate. You can sign up for a listening session by clicking here or visit for more information. If there is not a session time that is convenient for you, please let us know. If you aren’t able to attend a listening session, we encourage you to email your thoughts or questions directly to the Discernment Team at

Still have questions about the issues within our denomination and the discernment team? Listen to a conversation with Pastors Mike Holly and Robert Mercer, where they help unpack the United Methodist Book of Discipline and explain how laws are written, interpreted, and enforced. They also talk about scripture: how United Methodists read it, interpret it, and live by it.

We ask that you continue to pray for the remaining listening sessions, the Discernment Team leading these sessions, and most importantly, the entire Asbury family. 


Discernment Team