January 14, 2021  

There is more to your circumstances than meets the eye. Your current circumstances are a chapter. They are not the full story.  You have the power to respond rather than react. Use it. You will be better than ever and the people around you will be, too.

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Eric wraps up the "Better Than Ever" sermon series with the message "Moving Forward." 
Worship is streaming at 10:30 AM at live.asburylv.org.
Resources for Worship
Children's Bulletins: Ages 3+ | Ages 7+

A Note on Streaming
We received a number of reports of "skipping" on the stream last week. We've been in contact with our streaming providers and believe the issue has been resolved; however if you continue to experience this issue we recommend you view the stream via our YouTube channel (the stream will appear there when it goes live on Sunday morning).

To the Asbury Community,
The Asbury Board of Trustees would like to formally announce that the Capital Campaign projects have all been successfully completed. The last piece, the roof above the original part of the church, was completed just a few weeks ago. On behalf of all church leadership, Trustees would like to again thank everyone who faithfully contributed to this campaign. Not only did we, as a church, raise the necessary funds to take care of the roof, the Memorial Garden retaining wall, the Sanctuary wall, and several HVAC issues, but we are happy to say that these projects have also come in just under budget.

As we celebrate the completion of these projects, we're also looking forward to celebrating the 100th birthday of Asbury Church this October! While the Church gathered in various places in Allentown for the first 55 years, we've called our current facility home for 45 years. With any facility the age and size of our Springhouse Road building, Asbury continues to have ongoing facility needs. To address these needs, a Capital Improvements Fund was established last year. This fund gives the Trustees some reserve funding to be able to tackle any emergency repairs without having to dig further into the annual church budget or into the church's banking accounts. Accordingly, we respectfully ask that you consider contributing to this fund as you are able. This will help ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the church building for many more years to come.

Again, our sincere thanks for all that you do in support of Asbury and its ministries. We certainly cannot do what we do without you.
Asbury's Board of Trustees
Parkway Manor Letters of Encouragement
Sign-ups for notes are now full! Thanks for your support! Learn more about this initiative at asburylv.org/ParkwayManorNotes.

Upcoming UMW Circle Meetings:
Sarah Circle (January 20 via Zoom):
Sarah Circle will meet via Zoom on Wednesday, January 20, at 7 PM. Discussion will be around chapters 7-9 of Black and White by Teesha Hadra and John Hambrick. Visit Asbury's website to sign up to receive more info.
Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Jan. 20

Please note that all events are subject to to the continued approval of the church Trustees and Council, the Church being generally open for worship services, and/or state, federal and county government dictated COVID-19 requirements.

We hope your child will join us for online Sunday School this week!
SPARK (3 & 4yr olds)

Please join Miss Rebecca to watch the Ollie story video and a brief lesson via Zoom.
Sunday mornings from 9:30 AM - 10 AM
Please register in advance at: https://forms.gle/k4T5LLZVVosL4FGNA

BLAST (PreK - 5th grades)

Please join us for our weekly Bible story video and small group activities via Zoom.
Sunday mornings from 10 AM - 10:30 AM
Please register in advance at: https://forms.gle/pKDw79r8219GRVKUA

Contact Pam Unrath, Director of Children's and Youth Ministries, at punrath@asburylv.org to be added to the Children's Ministries' mailing list to receive all information and updates about Asbury's Children's Ministries program.

Middle Schoolers (6th-8th grades)

Wrapping up a 3-week series that encourages us to view the New Year through the lens of Jesus' teachings.
Please join Pam on
Sunday Evening 1/17 from 7:15 PM - 7:45 PM
Please register in advance at: https://forms.gle/f8qFZdha6csDs6pQ7

High Schoolers (9th - 12th grades)

Whether it's praying on our own, praying in groups, or praying out loud with a friend, it can feel awkward. This series will help us grow more confident in our everyday conversations with God.
Please join Erin and Rich on
Sunday Evenings 1/17, 1/24, 1/31, 2/7 from 8 - 8:30 PM
Please register in advance at: https://forms.gle/yjQjNjQe1cd4iG6g8

COVID-19 Vaccine Information
The New Year has arrived and we all have hope for a better, more "normal" year. We are all looking forward to being able to spend "in person" time with others. One way for us to achieve this goal has been the approval of two COVID-19 vaccines, with hopefully more to be approved in the future. The following resources may be helpful as you make your own decision about the vaccine. The CDC has information on the vaccines at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/index.html . There are also "Frequently Asked Questions" available from both the CDC and the PA Department of Health at the following websites: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/faq.html and https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Vaccine-FAQs.aspx . One of the biggest challenges will be getting the vaccination out to all of the people in our state who need and want the vaccine. A detailed description of who will be vaccinated during the three phases in our state can be found in the PA COVID-19 Vaccination plan at https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/Vaccine.aspx .

Asbury's building is currently only open for limited activities. Should you need to gain access to the building, please contact Israel Olivieri, Business Manager, at iolivieri@asburylv.org. The office remains closed, but any phone messages you leave will be answered as soon as possible.