The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray and we are so thankful they did. In just a few words, 65 to be exact, Jesus condensed all the wisdom of all of the rabbis that came before him – and two thousand years later, those words are still alive for us, beckoning us into an abundant future.

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Scripture for the Service: Psalm 130:1-7 and Matthew 6:1-21 
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LENT 2021
Make Lent Make a Difference is the Lenten focus for 2021. This past year has put before us many obstacles and changes, but one thing that never changes is the love we receive from Jesus Christ. 

This year, as we move through the 40 days of Lent, let us challenge ourselves to become the face of Jesus to others through our actions and words. Challenge yourself to make a difference even in these unusual times. Kindness spreads like the ripples in a lake when a single rock is thrown in. A small rock of kindness can create great waves of change.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started
Making Lent Make a Difference...

PRAY a Prayer:

  • Of thanksgiving for those who show you kindness
  • For your family, friends and neighbors
  • For those who serve us- the first responders
  • For your church family
  • For your community
  • For your country
  • For your enemies

READ the Word:


  • Make a phone call to someone to just say hello
  • Spend the day not complaining about anything
  • Leave a small treat or note on a neighbor’s porch
  • Send a note or possibly a donation to a non-profit you support encouraging them in their work
  • Forgive someone who you’ve been struggling with for a while- if not to be kind to them, then to be kind to yourself
  • Tell someone why you are thankful for them through email, written note, or phone call
  • Leave a thank you note to someone who “works for you”- a postal worker, trash collector, waitress, cleaning person, first responders, etc.
  • Focus on how you can show kindness to the environment through your actions
  • Compliment someone either through card, email, phone, or in person
  • Leave an anonymous encouraging note for someone to find

In each week’s e-blast you will find updates and additional difference making ideas. In addition, the staff of your church will be writing and sharing a weekly Wednesday devotion. Those will come to you in an e-blast and on Facebook each Wednesday evening during Lent.
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