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July 2018 Newsletter
Thank you donors !
I am pleased to report that private individuals gave both their time and energy, and also over $125,000, and to take a moment to honor this support and say what it means to me and to our organization. 

Read the letter from the President of Ashby Village Board

Individual Donors

Anonymous (2)
Gerald Abrams
Gertrude Allen
Mary Beth and Frank 
Robin Andrae
Janet Arnold
Anne Arredondo
Carletta Aston
Curry and David Barber
Marilyn Barkin
BJ Barron
Kathy Barrows
Gloria Bayne
Melissa Beidler
Carolyn Bellis
Hilary Bendich
David Bergad
Gene Bernardi
Carol Bernstein
Antoinette Betschart
Barbara Birenbaum
Stephen Blum
Judy and John Boe
Ronnie Boynton and Liz     Raymer *
Mary Lou Breiman
Mollyanne Brewer
Lisa Brinner
Lowell Brook
Virginia Brothers
Holly Brownscombe
Patricia Brucker
Irene Bruenger and Bob Riksheim
Barbara Bull *
Beth Burnside
Helen Cagampang
Tish Campbell
Charles Cardillo
Joseph Cerny
Michelle Cheeseman
Wei-Bing Chen
Joan Cole
Alison Colgan and Darryl Katz
Margaret Copeland
Jan and Luciano Corazza
Linda Cozzarelli
Christina Crowley
Donna Cummings
Eleanor Dahl
Bob Davis
Philip Davis and Beverly
   Gregg Davis
Charlene Depner
Sigrid Duesberg
Robert Deutsch and Donna
Sue Diehl
Mason Drukman and Anne Barrows
Dhiraj Dudeja
Sam Duncan
Leah Emdy
Alice Erb
Lisa Esherick
Karin Evans
Saul Faerstein
Elizabeth and James 
Susan Fischer
Brigitte and Louis Fisher
Sam Foushee and La Rae
Lisba Fowler
Marcia Freedman
Julie Freestone
Dagmar Friedman
Martin Friedman
Maryl Gearhart
Marjorie Gelb
Gina Gold
Mark Goldman
Lori Goldwyn
Rivka Gordon
Rosalind Gordon
Amy Gorman
Diane and John Gossard
Mary Graham
Susan Grand
Lula Greene
Dorothy Gregor
Pam and Elmer Grossman
Shirley Haberfeld and Bob
Susan Halpern
Glo Harris and Monty Sher
Margot Harrison
Peggy and Philip Havey
Susan Helmrich
Thelton Henderson
Charlotte Herzfeld
Carole Hickman
Vivian Hirshen
David Hodges
Kristina Holland
Don Hubbard and Cheryl 
Nancie and Tom Hughes, Jr.
Paula Hughmanick
Janet Hurwich
Phyllis Isaacson
Elaine and Herrick Jackson
Ellen Jacobs and Darryl    West
Linda Jacobs
Dorie Jarvis
Shirley Jowell
Rachel Kahn-Hut
Naneen Karraker
Joel Kaufmann and Susan    Blake
Joyce Kawahata
Marjorie & Theodore
Maria Keenan
Carole Kennerly
Ingrid Kepler-May
Pat Kirkpatrick and Sid
Patricia Klahn
Linda Kohn
William Lawler
Rochelle Lefkowitz and
   Felix Kramer
Deborah Levy
Andra Lichtenstein and Bill
Judith Lubman
Steve and Linda Lustig
Dianne Macleod
Mairin Malarka-Meyer
Clare Cooper Marcus
Ann Martin and Robert Reynolds
Andree McGiffin
Irene McPhail
Janice and Dale Mead
Diane Meltzer
Michael and Karen
Donna Mickleson and Tim Gordon
Andrea Mok
Floramay Moser
Milt Mozen
Anita Navon
Deena Newman
Audre and Roger Newman
Jo O'Malley and Michael Brucker
Clifford Orloff and Olga       Shalygin
Lorraine Osmundson
Kris Owens
Martin Paley
Susan Palo and Eric Schroeder
Nancy Park
Jeffrey Parsons
Laura Peck and Alan Stein
Ken Peterson
Margie Pezzaglia
Hanna Pitkin
Celie Placzek
Enid Pollack
Linda Polsby
Mary Jo Powell
Roberta Pressman
Martha Rabkin
Louise and John
Mary Regier
Jane Reid
Diane Resek
Suzanne Riess
Carol Robertson
Anne Rosenthal
Betty Roszak
Patricia Sakai and Richard
Jeanine Saperstein
Steve Scholl
Claire Schooley
Alison Seevak
Jeanne Segale
Jane and Joe Selby
Gordon Seligson
Emily Sexton
Julie Shearer and Russ
Nina Shoehalter
Charlotte Shoemaker
Sara Shumer
Patricia Silver
Bill Somerville
Steve Sperber
Robert Stenberg
Bess and Steve Sternberg
Barbi Jo Stim
Joann and Jon Sullivan
Tricia and Mick Sullivan
Pat and Peter Sussman
Carol Takaki
Janet Tam and               Christopher  Ratcliff
Judith and Charles Tart
Anna Marie Taylor
Steve Toby
Pat Ungern
Betty and Bill Webster
MaryAnn and Chuck Wenger
Norma Willer
Virginia Wolfe
Rebecca Woolis
Eva Yarmo and David             Rosenthal

* = Deceased

Berkeley Pilgrimage  
Brickyard C Fund
Connemara Fund
Covia/Episcopal Senior  
City of Berkeley
Kaiser Foundation
Life Long Medical
Mechanics Bank
Berkeley Oakland Realty  
Preferred Providers  
Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating
Alward Construction
Diamond Handyman 
Eric Kleinhandler
Planchon Roofing and Siding
Thank Goodness! Senior Concierge Services

"Summer of Love" Volunteer Appreciation event!
Board Member Bob Davis
Thank You Donors!
Thank You!
Our wonderful Ashby Village community continues to amaze me! Your support in so many ways makes it possible for us to accomplish so much every day. In one aspect of your support, this year I am pleased to report that private individuals gave both their time and energy, and also over $125,000, and to take a moment to honor this support and say what it means to me and to our organization. 
Our community of donors - which includes many members and volunteers, as well as other friends of Ashby Village - has now reached over 200 individuals, and a number of local organizations. We are grass-roots and volunteer-based, but like most nonprofits, annual fees cover only part of the cost of running the overall organization, so your charitable support helps make it all possible! 
It also means that we can expand our initiatives, like our Member Support program, which receives significant private support. In addition, the It Takes a Village program (which helps pay membership fees for those on limited incomes) received support from individuals-both directly as well as through 10% of our Founders Fund-as well as important support from local businesses.
Quite aside from the concrete help I've received, I am just so thrilled about this organization existing. It makes it less scary to face old age to know there is a web of camaraderie and support. 
So I say a big "Thank you!" to everyone for all your wonderful involvement and support.

Andra Lichtenstein, President  
Upcoming Events
7/6 - Joe Lurie on Culture Clash in the Era of Globalization
Friday, July 6, 3 - 4 PM
Ashby Village Office
1821 Catalina Ave., Berkeley
Award-winning author, teacher, former Peace Corps Volunteer and Director of UC Berkeley's International House, Joe Lurie will examine cultural disconnects with refugees and other immigrants, and their implications in many spheres of our contemporary world.
7/19 - Next Steps: Educating ourselves for continuing to live in our own homes
Thursday July 19, 2 - 4:30 PM
Ashby Village Office
1821 Catalina Ave., Berkeley
Join five members of the Hamlet Neighborhood Group to hear them share their findings from 1 1/2 years of considering this topic. Read more 
7/22 - Find Out What Goes on Behind the Kitchen Door Before You Eat Out!   
Sunday July 22, 2 - 4 PM
Northbrae Community Church 
941 The Alameda, Berkeley
Saru Jayaraman, author, founding president of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) and Director of UC Berkeley's Food Labor Research Center, will share with us the big challenges the folks who cook and serve our food face, and will describe initiatives, local and national, that seek to address these challenges.
Volunteer Training & Orientation

Saturday, July 28, 8:30 AM - 1 PM
Ashby Village Office, 1821 Catalina Ave., Berkeley
We offer a wide range of options to enable volunteers to apply their talents and build a deeper connection to the Ashby Village community. Following a comprehensive screening process, prospective volunteers complete a half-day orientation and training session.

Meet Volunteer Jineth Campo
Jineth, a Colombian native and international exchange student, fell in love with Berkeley and decided to stay here and study Business Administration.

She loves working with people and supporting her community, wherever she finds herself. Ashby Village has been the beneficiary. 
Volunteer Appreciation Party

On a warm, sunny June afternoon, Ashby Village celebrated the generous spirit and service of all of our volunteers with a "Summer of Love" themed Volunteer Appreciation Event....

To read more and check out the video and  photos!
Hearts N' Hands Thank You

"Thank you ladies for doing such a fabulous job on my garden. It was wonderful meeting all of you and hearing your stories. I admire your dedication to volunteering in so many ways and I do appreciate how great my garden looks now. I had been feeling overwhelmed and now hopefully I will keep it up!"

Best wishes,
Ilse Eden - Ashby Village Member

Upcoming Hearts N' Hands

WHEN: Wednesday, July 11 - 11:00am-3:30pm
WHAT: Garden clean up, getting our hands dirty!

For this project we will help rake up leaves (to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard), deadhead flowers  and a little weeding in a member's yard. 

Space is limited! Sign up here
New Shingles Vaccine
Shingrix, the new FDA-approved Shingles vaccine, has proven far more effective at preventing this disease than the first vaccine, Zostavax. Read more on the CDC website.
Don't delay...Get the vaccine NOW.
New and Continuing Classes
Unless otherwise noted, classes are held at A shby Village Office, 1821 Catalina Ave., Berkeley

New! Exercising your Memory
Fridays, September 7, 2018 through January 25, 2019, 10 AM - noon 
Tuition $35, payable to the Berkeley Adult School. Enrollment limited to 16.  
The instructor, Donna Davis, is an experienced professional actor and drama coach. The course will provide fun activities to exercise your brain and teach you skills to support your memory. For more information or to register, contact Roberta Pressman

A Matter of Balance, with Lars Koch 
By popular demand we are repeating our Fall Prevention Class .  
8 sessions, beginning Tuesday, October 16, 10:30 - noon. Enrollment limited to 12.
For more information or to register, contact Roberta Pressman 

Stretch, Strength and Dance, with Anne Aronov
Anne is offering summer classes (July 11 and July 18, 10 AM - noon) in addition to the fall series which will resume on August 29,  Wednesdays, 10 AM - noon. Register in class with Anne Aronov.  $5/class.

Also continuing:
T'ai Chi Chih with Faith Isaacs, Fridays, 10 - 11 AM at Epworth United Methodist Church, 1953 Hopkins St.  More information 
Gentle Yoga with Ada Lusardi, Thursdays at The Yoga Room, 2540 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley.  More information 

Strolls and Hikes  
Easy Nature Walk (with more challenging option) 
Sequoia Bay Trail, Joaquin Miller Park  
Saturday July 14,  11 AM - 1 PM

Join us some Mondays at 10 for Monday Morning By the Bay, César Chávez Park, 11 Spinnaker Way, Berkeley
Check the Ashby Village Calendar for more hikes this summer.
Audre Newman and Celeste Burrows led 16 of us on a beautiful and educational hike in Tilden Park on May 27.  
Discover the benefits of turmeric, sauerkraut, beets, avocado, and more. Read AARP story 

Farewell To Manuela!

Ashby Village staff held a going away party for Manuela Pergoraro, our dearly loved Community Engagement Manager. Manuela moved to Jerusalem, Israel at the end of June and looks forward to visitors from the Bay Area.  Buona fortuna Manuela!

Check out our newly designed video page and YouTube channel, where you can watch videos of your favorite AV events, and catch up with a few that you missed.

Pat Sakai  
(Reframing Aging: Bonus Edition) 
I don't think about "aging gracefully." I think about trying to live gracefully!
Pat reflects on pursuing interests that she set aside during her most demanding work years. At the same time, in her fundraising activities for community organizations, she continues to enjoy engaging with people and forging connections between them.
Tech Tips
Technology Team
Drop-in Technical Assistance, normally held the second Tuesday of each month, and the Tech Column, are taking a vacation for July and August.
Interest and Neighborhood Groups and Ongoing Activities bill
Summer Note:
The Retirement or Refirement? interest group is taking a recess until September. The Shakespeare Reading Group and the Non-fiction Reading Group are not meeting in July.
Tuesday, July 3, 2 - 4 PM: Thousand Oaks Hamlet Mac Users Group
At Ken Nakayama and Kate Anderson's home, El Cerrito (accessible!). Contact Ken for details. 
RESCHEDULED: Outlandish Android Users Group  Tuesday, July 17, 3:30-4:30 Rockridge. RSVP Alison Colgan
Wednesday, July 11, 3 - 5 PM: 
The topic for the July 11 Science and Ideas Group meeting concerns the Brain and Psychedelics, stimulated by Michael Pollan's new book, How to Change Your Mind. Focusing on psilocybin (from "magic" mushrooms), marijuana, and LSD, we will look at what they do to the working of the brain and how they do it. Current research on possible pharmacological uses will be discussed.

Ashby Village Office, 1821 Catalina Ave., Berkeley. No registration required. 

Sunday July 15, 2 - 4 PM:
Documentary Film Watching at Clarewood: The Art of the Shine (1 hr)
at Mary Goldstein's home. RSVP
also Sunday July 15, 5 PM: 
NEW! Midlandish Potluck organized by Judy Turley. RSVP Judy at 510-258-4278.

Tuesday, July 17, 7 - 9 PM: 
Are you interested in advocacy for political reform and social justice? Come together with others in the Ashby Village community to share ideas about how to take action.

Check the  online calendar for all Neighborhood Groups events.
What We Are Reading
"...dying at home" by Ann Brenoff, HUFFPOST, 6/7/17
"...older age groups growing younger" by Alexandra Preston, Natural Society, 8/24/17
"...will your $$ be enough" by Suzanne Woolley, Bloomberg, 8/23/17
"...approaching aging" by Christopher Mole, New York Times, 9/12/17
"...quick steps add to your life" by Wendy Bumgardner, verywell fit, 9/26/17
 "...hitting the road" by Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post, 9/30/17
"...mirror, mirror on the wall" by Nancy Schlossberg, MarketWatch, 1/31/18 
Bulletin Board
Ilse Eden Presentation 
In 1938, Ashby Village member Ilse Eden, who grew up in pre-war Berlin, was sent to England on a Kindertransport train. On Friday June 8, Ilse spoke to Andra Kavuma's fourth grade class at Thousand Oaks School about the Kindertransport and her experiences growing up in Nazi Germany. The presentation was well received with many questions.  
Ilse has given numerous such presentations to adults and children. If you would like to have Ilse as a speaker you may contact her directly
Berkeley History 
Wondering how Berkeley began and how it evolved? The Berkeley Historical Society's two new exhibits will tell you the story:
The Timeline of Berkeley History, by Linda Rosen, a permanent exhibit, reviews Berkeley history from 3,700 BCE to the present.
Collection Gems: Forty Years of Documenting Berkeley's History uses photo-collage, artifacts and costumes to illustrate Berkeley's family, institutional and artistic life from the 19th century to the present. The exhibit runs through October 13, 2018.
Exhibit hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1 - 4 PM, 1931 Center St. (Veteran's Memorial Building)
In Loving Memory
 Jeri Cardoza
1944 - 2018
Ashby Village member Jeri Cardoza died peacefully and without fear on May 27, 2018. She will be missed. Well traveled and well-read, Jeri enjoyed being active in her community, and in recent years was instrumental in organizing and hosting neighborhood get-togethers in her backyard, including a face recognition party. No memorial has yet been planned. Further information will be forthcoming.