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5 Best Caribbean Islands to Live in 2018 Revealed
According to a new report from International Living, based on affordability, value, safety and lifestyle, these five islands made their list of the Top 5 Caribbean islands to live in 2018  . WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL

Global Hotel Inventory Grows 18 Percent Over Last 10 Years
According to global hotel industry consultant STR, there are 184,299 hotels comprising 16,966,280 million rooms around the world in the first quarter of 2018. That number of rooms represents a 17.7% increase over the last 10 years.      WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL

London and St. Thomas Market Report

Homes sold in March 

London Home
Price Advantage
$364,112    London
$ 746,216    Toronto 
$1,027,298 Vancouver

Average home sales price across London and St. Thomas continues to rise, despite the low inventory. The average March sales price in the region was $364,112 up 8.6% over March 2017

International Mother Earth Day 

International Mother Earth Day 
is celebrated to remind each of us that
the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. It also recognizes a collective responsibility, as called for in the 1992 Rio Declaration, to promote harmony with nature and the Earth to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations of humanity.

To read more:  April 22nd

Take a Chance Day 

In the English language, take a chance is an idiom that refers to doing something that has a high likelihood of failure. Usually, when people take a chance they are risking the possibility of failure or misfortune. In mathematics, the word chance has a very specific meaning - it refers to the possibility of the occurrence of a certain event.

To read more:   April 23rd

London Historic Site

London Normal School 165 Elmwood Avenue 
On February 1, 1900, the first class of prospective teachers began their studies in the new London Normal School. Coming from diverse backgrounds and communities in southwestern Ontario, they were attending what was considered to be the most modern teacher-training school in Canada. The faculty consisted of Principal Francis Walter Merchant, Vice-Principal John Dearness, and four teachers.
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Now Playing

An American in Paris
Playing Now
Mirvish Theatre
AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is the new Tony Award®-winning musical about an American soldier, a mysterious French girl, and an indomitable European city, each yearning for a new beginning in the aftermath of war.
The New York Times raves, "AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is a triumph! Pure joy!" and the Wall Street Journal declares, "Once you've seen it, you'll find it hard to settle for less ever again." Don't miss this stunning Broadway hit when it arrives in Toronto!

Read more...  Mirvish Theatre

The Leisure Seeker
Playing now
Hyland Cinema  

The Leisure Seeker is a consoling, teary/funny road trip comedy about an ageing couple who realize their days - of living independently, at least - are numbered.
John is slipping further into the fog of Alzheimer's with every passing week, while Ella is awaiting some kind of hospital treatment, which her bobbed wig suggests can be nothing good. Rather than go along with the plans of their adult children (Christian McKay and Janel Moloney), the Spencers treat themselves to one last driving holiday together - a pilgrimage to the house in Key West occupied by Ernest Hemingway during nine of his most creatively fruitful years.

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Book of the Month

Walk Through Walls
Martina Abramovic

In 2010, more than 750,000 people stood in line 
at Marina Abramović's MoMA retrospective for the chance to sit across from her and communicate with her nonverbally in an unprecedented durational performance that lasted more than 700 hours. This celebration of nearly fifty years of groundbreaking performance art demonstrated once again that Marina Abramović is truly a force of nature.

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Local Events

Celtic Woman
Badweiser Gardens
Read More... . Budweiser Gardens

Anatomy of A Collector
Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery
May 17th -June 30th

The exhibition explores the reasons people collect with the catalyst for the discussion being the evolution of seven ceramic collections of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics (CCC). The seven collections have been chosen for both the quality of the collection and the reality that each came to collecting CCC for different reasons.

Visual Arts

David Milne 
The Art Gallery of Ontario
On Now

Have you ever wondered about the private life of an artist? Explore the paintings of Canadian artist David Milne through a rich selection of his letters, diaries, photographs and personal items. Through videos, follow his career as a painter and woodsman across Ontario.
Read more.... AGO

Elle Belz
Westland Gallery
April 24th - May 19th

Elle Belz is a contemporary expressionism artist who has an inclination to marry abstract with realism and prefers portraying bold and traditional subjects with a modern twist. She loves working with colours, playing with lighting and meaningful composition. 

Read more.... Westland Gallery
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