Ashland Chamber & Travel Ashland Update
Greetings from the Ashland Chamber,

As we continue to advocate for you to access resources, we are working on economic recovery for when our community is able to re-open – both short and long term. We look forward to working with you as these plans continue to develop over the next few weeks and should you want to participate, please contact Dana Preston at .

Currently we are:
Working with our community partners, business and building owners to create a  Summer Downtown  series of events in a festival format for when we are able to re-open to the community. Promotional ideas include but are not limited to: themed weekend events, music venues, shopping incentives, restaurant, winery and brewery promotions and visual art showcases.
We have established a  Ramp-Up Task Force  to get our community ready for when we re-open to make sure we are clean, spruced-up and inviting to welcome our customers back.
Travel Ashland , as Ashland's official destination marketing organization, supports Ashland's visitor industry by inspiring people to travel to Ashland. As Travel Ashland has worked to diversify the market to Ashland beyond cultural related travel, to wine and culinary experiences and outdoor activities, we will continue to retool our efforts to identify new visitor markets and refine our promotions accordingly. 
In our role of  economic development  in partnership with the City, we will be developing plans in collaboration with our community and regional partners, including SOU and business owners to refine and expand our economic base into the future.   
Don’t forget! Send us updates about any business efforts you have right now, and we will post them on our website. You can email them to  or you can tag us on Facebook or Instagram to keep us apprised. 

We are always happy to talk with you and will work to keep you updated on a timely basis so you are in the know.

Thank you,

Ashland Chamber and Travel Ashland staff
Thank you to the Ashland Chamber’s
Partners in Emergency Preparedness and Recovery