Ashley's Update 03.02.21

Agency Showcase: Bellefontaine Police Department
I want to start showcasing our United Way partner agencies, so you can see how the money you generously donate throughout the year is used. You can find our updated list here:

Today, I want to share about our partnership with the Bellefontaine Police Department. YOUR United Way gift allows us to partner with the Bellefontaine Police Department to support Outreach Events throughout town to help law enforcement build relationships and education to fight drugs and reduce crime to keep our community safe. Video production courtesy of Jamie Ross. Check out the video below to learn more!
Program Page: PRC through Jobs & Family Services
This past year has been rrrroooouuuugggghhh....... Mental health has been tough, paying bills has been tough, trying to stay healthy has been tough, and having any kind of social life or life with extended family has been tough.
If paying bills has been one of your biggest burdens, let's talk about PRC. This is a program available at Jobs and Family services, designed specifically to help working families. PRC stands for Prevention, Retention and Contingency. This program is a little different in each county, as each JFS is given to opportunity to choose their focus areas. Some of the ways PRC can help is to pay rent or utilities, potentially help with childcare and so much more. Below are links to some of our surrounding JFS PRC sites. If you are interested in applying for PRC, let me know!

Ways to Help
This section of the newsletter will contain ways that Live United @ Work can be utilized; it's not just help to get your bills paid!
In one of my workplaces, an employee was struggling to find a guide to dining out for diabetics. While I was unsure about where to find the guide, I reached out to one of my professional connections. One of our local pharmacists knew exactly what I was asking about, and had one on hand. The pharmacist was able to have it ready for me the next day, and I was able to drop it off to the employee the next time I visited the workplace.
Do you have questions, but not sure if I can help? Ask anyway!! I love the challenge of doing out of the box things like the example above. I am a strong believer in being able to say "I don't know" but follow it with "but I will find out!"
Pass It On!
Imagine: You're scrolling through Facebook and you come upon the latest Live United @ Work post. This one doesn't really apply to you, so you go about your day. You go to the breakroom for lunch, and you overhear a co-worker who's dealing with a personal situation. Hold the phone, Ashley was JUST talking about the same issue in her post!! Don't hold on to the info, share it!! Encourage your co-worker to join this group, but more importantly to reach out to me! To me, the most exciting referrals are those that come from other co-workers who have either worked with me, or have seen something I have posted and passed it on. Life has been hard enough lately, let's help each other through when we can.
Rainy Day Fund
With spring around the corner, our snowy days are turning into rainy days (which I, for one, am thankful for!). I'm sure you've heard the term "rainy day fund;" this is where you set money aside for when your regular income has been disrupted or decreased. Also known as a short term emergency fund, these funds are set aside to help when the floods of life hit. This fund should also be separate from your every day accounts. Typically, financial gurus suggest having $500-$1000 set aside in an emergency fund. Especially when funds are tight, this can seem like a ton of money. However, you could start by saving $5 a paycheck. If you have this automatically sent to a separate account from your paycheck, will you really even miss it? Getting set up with a higher interest bearing account will also help your money grow.
If you are interested in getting an emergency fund started, let me know! 937-935-9509 or Let's get you set up so the financial storms of life can pass a little easier.
While Ashley is currently not on site for the Board of DD and its partners (including RTC and CRSI), you can still utilize Live United @ Work! You can call or text Ashley at 937-935-9509 or email at
CALL OR TEXT ME AT (937) 935-9509