Ashley's Update 03.10.21

Agency Showcase: Caring Kitchen
Caring Kitchen is one of our great funded agencies that helps our Logan County citizens who have found themselves homeless. You may be thinking, "Wait a minute, Ashley, Caring Kitchen is in Urbana!" While this wonderful resource is a county south of us, they open their doors to homeless Logan County citizens when our local shelter is full. Not only do they provide a warm bed for the night, Caring Kitchen has a food pantry and a soup kitchen, as well as a clothing bank and tutoring.
You can learn more about their programs and services here:
Program Page: Lutheran Community Services' Thrift Store
Right here in our own community, we have another multifaceted resource. Lutheran Community Services has so much to offer!! They have a soup kitchen and food pantry, as well as a thrift store. The thrift store has a wide variety of clothing and home goods available. If you are doing some spring cleaning and looking for a place to make donations, the LCS Thrift Store is a great place to choose! They accept most items, however, they do not accept "stufffed" items (animals, couches, mattresses, etc.). You can learn more from their website ( or from their Facebook page (
Ways to Help
This #WaystoHelpWednesday features senior help! I have a background in Long Term Care, and love working with the elderly. I have had several employees ask about different types of assistance for their aging loved ones. Whether it's questions about medical equipment, care at home, or even how to get into a care facility, I am happy to answer what I can. If you have an aging loved one and have questions about services, let me know!!
937-935-9509 or
Mental Health: Value Yourself
This week I want to add another themed day: #ThoughtfulThursday. For the next several weeks, I'll be posting some mental health tips. For week #1, let's talk about something that can be hard: valuing yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and respect, and avoid self-criticism. Make time for your hobbies and favorite projects, or broaden your horizons. A lot of the time, we pour ourselves into other things: our families, our jobs, etc. But sometimes, you have to pour back into yourself. Find a few minutes today to do something that you want to do. Whether that's going outside, taking a drive, watching your favorite show or movie, something to help refill your cup.
If you are struggling, please reach out. Whether it's how to find time for yourself, or how self care can work for you, let's talk. 937-935-9509 or
Money Market vs. Savings: Which Account is Right for You?
Last week we talked about a rainy day fund, and how a higher interest earning account like a money market account is a better way to go. So what exactly is the difference between a money market account and a traditional savings account?
Traditional savings accounts are the most basic bank account; it's where you store your extra money. They are often tied to checking accounts, and don't have their own checks or debit cards. Savings accounts usually earn a very small interest rate as well. The transactions are often limited; typically you can withdrawal or transfer funds 6 times in a statement period without incurring a fee.
Money market accounts are similar in that you can use them to store money you want to save. However, they may have checks or debit cards. Money market accounts can earn a higher rate of interest, but you also have to maintain a higher minimum balance to get that higher rate.
Not sure which of these would work better for you? Let's chat!
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